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Think Global Serving Tray

Show your guests just how worldly you are with map-themed décor around the house! Turn a large picture frame into a global-inspired serving tray with maps, marbles and Aleene’s® adhesives. 



1. Remove glass and backing from frame. In a well-ventilated area, spray frame with silver spray paint. Let dry.

2. Lay frame on work surface that is covered with disposable plastic tablecloth.

3. Use Original Tacky Glue to glue frame backing into frame, forming the base for your tray. Let dry.

4. Cut out shapes from maps and papers, and use Tacky Glue to adhere them to your tray base until entire base is covered. Let dry.

5. Use foam brush to apply Collage Pauge over papers to seal, following bottle instructions, then let dry.

6. Use Original Tacky Glue to adhere flat-sided marbles over maps on tray base until completely covered with marbles. Let dry.

What you need:



  • Foil or paper plate for decoupage
  • Silver spray paint
  • Disposable plastic tablecloth
  • Scissors
  • Various maps/map-themed papers
  • Flat-back decorative marbles – clear/iridescent
  • Disposable foam brush
  • Large wood frame

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