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The Tulip® Custom Color Lab lets you take the art of dyeing yarn into your own hands, whether you enjoy crafting with yarn or knitting with it! Discover how fun and affordable it is to create custom-colored yarn with this specially designed system that includes dyes, yarn and easy-to-follow instructions for color mixing. All Custom Color Lab dyes are nontoxic and do not require heat setting for permanence; choose from hot, on-trend colors and kits that can be mixed and matched to create one-of-a-kind yarn crafts and knitted and crocheted projects! 


  • What is Tulip Custom ColorLab

  • How To Dip Dye a Cowl

  • How To Space Dye a Cowl

  • How To Tie Dye a Cowl

  • Tulip ColorLab Dip-Dyeing Technique

  • Tulip ColorLab Space Dye Technique

  • Tulip ColorLab Color Wicking Technique

  • How To Mix ColorLab Yarn Dyes

  • How To Wash Dyed Yarn

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