Tulip ® Fabric Paintbrushes ™

Tulip ® Fabric Paintbrushes ™ were chosen by a craft designer research group based upon frequency of usage and how well they perform using paints, dyes and other mediums.

4 designer sets available in a wide range of sizes and tips:
Round Paintbrushes – perfect for creating fine lines and outlines
Multi Round Brush 5pk: No. 100 liner, No. 1 liner, No. 5 round, No. 4 liner, No. 6 liner
Multi Round Brush Assortment: No. 10 liner, No. 1 linter, No 5. round, No. 4 liner, No. 10 round

Flat Paintbrushes – Great multi-purpose brushes for creating thin to thick lines and for filling in large designs
Multi Flat Brush 3pk: ¾” glaze, ¾” shader, ½” shader

Angle Paintbrushes – Create thin lines and angles and feathering effects
Multi Angled Brush Assortment: 3/8” angular shader, ½” angular shader, ¼” angular shader, ¾” angular shader, 1” angular shader

Can be used with any Tulip ® paints, dyes and glue products on all types of fabrics

Vinyl packaging can be reused as a storage envelope.