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We love you Dad

Give Dad a reminder of your love this Father's Day.



1.  Tear strips of tissue.
2.  Working in sections, use brush to apply Collage Pauge to surface of bucket, immediately press on tissue. Carefully brush another coat of Collage Pauge over top of tissue. Cover remainder of bucket. Keeping lighter colors towards the top.  Overlap colors to create interest.  Let dry.
3.  Wrap yarn in wavy pattern around bucket.  Glue down.
4.  Cut out photos of your kids and pictures of fish from magazines, internet or computer print outs.  Arrange kids to determine size of boat.  Sketch boat and cut out.
5.  Draw planks onto boat with marker.
6.  Position and glue kids to backside of boat.
7.  On front side of the boat, write We love you, Dad with Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint.  Let dry.
8.  On cream colored cardstock write Fish All Day with Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint.  Let dry.  Cut out around letters.
9.  Glue boat with kids to center of bucket and glue Fish All Day towards the top.  Let dry.
10.  Glue additional fish around the sides of the bucket.  Let dry.

What you need:



  • Tissue paper, green, royal, turquoise, light blue
  • Cardstock, brown and cream
  • Bucket
  • Photos
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Yarn, green
  • Brush

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