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You & Me Pillows

Whether for Valentine’s Day, newlyweds or just because, creating a set of sweet “you & me” pillows is easy as can be with Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint and some sparkle from Tulip® Shimmer Transfer Sheets.

White Pillowcases/Pillow Covers:

  1. Wash and dry pillowcases without fabric softener. Iron smooth.
  2. Write “you” and “me” on freezer paper in desired font and desired size to fit pillowcases.
  3. Place on cutting mat and cut out wording with a craft knife to create stencils. Iron in place (waxy side down) on pillowcases in desired locations. Insert freezer paper inside each pillowcase to prevent paint seepage to backside.
  4. Squeeze soft paint onto a paper plate and sponge paint onto pillowcases through stencil openings. Once desired coverage is achieved, remove stencils and let dry.

 Black Pillow Cover:

  1. Iron pillow cover smooth. Insert freezer paper inside.
  2. Print out or draw an ampersand to fit throw pillow. Cut out and place over gold shimmer transfer sheet and use as a guide to cut out shape from transfer sheet.
  3. Place ampersand cutout on black pillow cover and iron into place, following instructions on packaging.
  4. Insert pillow inside black pillow cover and enjoy!

What you need:

Tulip® Fashion Glitter® Shimmer Transfer Sheets
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  • Set of white pillowcases or pillow covers
  • Black pillow cover for throw pillow
  • Freezer paper
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper plate for palette
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Thin cloth for ironing

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