16 Eye-catching Necklace DIYs

DIY accessories are so fun to make and can instantly transform you outfit from drab to fab!  Here's 16 great necklace ideas to dress up your look or to make a ton of to give to friends.  With Christmas just a few months away (you know it will be here before you know it), these would make the perfect gift to make that won't break the bank!

Kathy Cano-Murillo shows you how to make this colorful tri-collar necklace.

Get starry-eyed with this burnt offerings necklace by Margot Potter.

Megan Nicolay whips up this t-shirt confetti necklace.

Anne Hollabaugh a.k.a. Wobisobi shares this sparkly choker DIY.

Make a pretty framed pendant necklace with Margot Potter.

Alexa shows how to make a cool necklace from a tie dye t-shirt.

This colorful necklace by Megan Nicolay started out with paper clips!

Miranda Kuykendall bakes up these delicious donut necklaces!

Kathy Cano-Murillo shares how to make a floating gem necklace.

Make a sparkly DIY collar necklace with Margot Potter.

Create iron-on necklaces with Jennifer Perkins.

Cathy of Trinkets in Bloom knots up this dip-dyed macrame necklace.

 Learn how to paint your own feather necklace on canvas with Alisa Burke.

Lauren Peters cuts off animal heads for these funny plastic animal necklaces.

 Craft up this polka dot bead necklace with wooden beads with Jennifer Perkins.

Megan Nicolay shares 7 ways to DIY a necklace using tie dye scraps from a t-shirt.

Which one of these necklaces is your fave?

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January 15, 2015