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Crafting is big and only getting bigger! To celebrate a new, crafty year I'm going to share with you my 2016 crafty bucket list with 12 fabulous crafts that I predict are going to be huge in the coming months. Dust off that craft stash and get ready to make!

Painting mugs has been huge forever with the online crafting community but it's a really recent thing that we can make mugs that will actually last. One of my fave new craft supplies of all time are the Painted By Me Ceramic Markers that will stand through every day use and washing. No more hard work going down the drain, literally!

DIY to try: Blue china inspired mugs by Alisa Burke.

String art isn't a new thing. It was actually developed during the 19th century by Mary Everest Boole. Her goal was to make math more accessible to children with visual representations. Nowadays it's popular to fashion nails and string into monograms, cute sayings or characters or shapes we love. If you haven't tried string art, yet, this is definitely one for your crafty bucket list!

DIY to try: String Art by Hip & Simple.

Fiber arts are huge! Whether you knit, crochet or embroider in 2016 why not take things up a notch with custom dyed yarn or thread? It's super simple to do with the new Color Lab kit from iLoveToCreate AND with unique results there will never be another creation like yours.

DIY to try: Color your own yarn with Color Lab.

Have you been bitten by the galaxy bug, yet? This trend may be nearing an end but it's one you  MUST do in 2016. Incredibly hip and totally fun this is a great way to fancy up everything from pillows for the home, shoes for the kids, shirts for the adults... you name it. This prfectly suited for both girls and boys as space rocks for everyone!

DIY to try: Tie dye galaxy shoes.

Crayon art isn't just visually stunning it is also a ton of fun to make. The basic concept is that crayons are Tacky glued to something (canvas, pumpkin, you name it) and the melting wax is blown away using a blowdryer. 2016 is the year to think outside the crayon box and meltup a good time! Think of adding images and working like shapes like that fab heart up there.

DIY to try: Melted crayon wall art.

Image transfer is easily one of the more hot items to do on a crafty bucket list. On multiple occasions when I tell someone what I do for a living they want to know... how do I get a photograph on a piece of wood like I see on Pinterest all of the time? Seriously. It happens A LOT. Get prepared to want to transfer images to EVERYTHING in 2016 because once you start, you can't stop!

DIY to try: Easy Image Transfer on Canvas.

You see it all of the time, someone comes up with a brilliant plan whereby something you could raid from your child's craft stash becomes something exquisite and totally grown up. While you're working up your own crafty innovation check out this amazing project where popsicle sticks become a chic and totally modern hexagon shape shelf. 

DIY to try: Popsicle stick hexagon shelf.

Turning trash into treasure is the dream of every Pinterest addict on the planet. But getting started in furniture renovation isn't as easy as pie. Dip your toes in the DIY design waters by finding a great chair with amazing bones and making it your own with Tulip fabric spray paint. The results will be fab and you'll have the confidence to keep moving upward and onward in fantastic furniture renovations for 2016!

DIY to try: Fabric spray paint chair.

Tie dye forever. Seriously! Huge in the 70's and popular in every other decade since, tie dye is one of those crafts that will always be epic. Add to that crafty bucket list the perfect tie dye swirl tee and you'll be all set!

DIY to try: Spiral tie dye tee shirt.

Glitter isn't just for little girls anymore! With so many chic designs centering around the glitzy stuff on the pages of glossy magazines and down huge designer runways, it's totally  the time to get in there and DIY up some of your accessories to be bright and glittery! 

And glitter isn't just for your person. Imagine the glittery throw pillows and wall art and other fun things you can make with a bottle of Tacky Glue and a shaker of your fave color of glitter. Possibilities = endless.

DIY to try: Glitter bangles and rings.

Your first experience with hand stamping probably occurred very early in life, probably in elementary school. This very simple craft can be extremely rewarding. Imagining the perfect fabric for the perfect project but it can't be found? Make your own! 

DIY to try: Nesting hand printed pillows.

Finger knitting should definitely be on every crafty bucket list for 2016. It's such a huge craft right now and something that can keep everyone, from childhood through adulthood, happy and busy. Tie dye up some tee shirt string and you're not only trending but visually striking, too!

DIY to try: Finger knitting with tie dye tee shirt yarn.

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