DIY Printed Holiday Wrapping Paper


With just one day left until Christmas it’s time to make some Printed Wrapping Paper and get those gifts under the tree! Using the cute letter stencils, paints and glitter from Tulip you can add fun holiday messages and personalize any gift. Add some ribbons and bows and you’re all set!

Kraft paper 

step 1
Layout your kraft paper on a flat surface and measure the package that you want to wrap, make sure that  you leave some extra room just in case.

Mark off the space that you will be painting.

step 2
Lay your stencils on your kraft paper.

Using your pouncer, paint inside your stencil.

step 3
Before your paint is dry, sprinkle your glitter on top of the letters you want to add glitter to.

Let dry and shake off any extra glitter.

Now, it’s time to wrap your packages! 

Have fun and customize your packages with your letters. Add fun and festive messages. 

Happy wrapping and Merry Christmas!

There's still time to make some quick gifts, to see some fun fashion DIY’s check out my blog at Trinkets in Bloom.


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