DIY Sketched Patched Shirt

Let’s face it, patches are hot for fall. There are so many different ways to interpret this trend and make it your own, one of my favorites is with a bit of your own artwork to make DIY Sketched Patches using Tulip's Fabric Markers. It’s fun and relaxing, put those doodles to good use and lets get started!

White cotton fabric
Sewing machine
step 1
Cut out your fabric.
This can be very random or thought out. It just depends on how you work. 
step 2
Start drawing!
This is the fun part. Go nuts have a ball! 
(These fabric markers are so awesome! You can wash them, the color stays on really well.) 
I also checked out one of my Pinterest boards where I have lots of quotes and sayings, for patch ideas.
step 3
When you have all your patches drawn, get out your sewing machine and create some fun borders. 
My machine is pretty basic, if you have a serger you can really rock this thing. If not, no worries, even a large zigzag can be cool!
Once you’re done sewing, trim your fabric around your stitching.
step 4
Add your patches to a shirt, bag, jeans whatever you want.
You can sew your patches on or there are lots of “no sew” methods available. Fabric glues and Fabric Fusion Tapes work really well.
Pin this graphic to make it for later!
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