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HO, HO, HO craftionistas! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get festive! Create some fun and fabulous Holiday Boxer Shorts using the Tulip Holiday Fashion Art Kit. With everything you need to tie dye, add sparkle and embellish some whimsical boxer shorts to give as gifts or to wear yourself as festive sleep shorts. 

Boxer shorts (100% cotton)


Inside the Tulip Holiday Fashion Art Kit:
step 1
Using the rubber bands inside your Tulip Holiday Fashion Art Kit, tie your boxer shorts where you want your pattern to be.
For one pair I tied them in an accordion pattern, this should make horizontal stripes across the shorts.
For the second pair I tied them in a couple places to make a circular or bullseye pattern.
step 2
I laid a baking rack across my sink, you can put it inside your sink or tub, whatever works for you. You just want to keep your fabric from sitting in the dye.
step 3
Fill your dye bottle up to the line with water and shake well, mixing all the dye.
step 4
Squirt your dye onto your fabric in between the rubber bands.
Don’t over saturate your fabric or you will loose your pattern.
When you are done, wrap your fabric in plastic and let them sit for 6-8 hours or overnight. The longer you let it sit the stronger your color will be.
step 5
Rinse your fabric and and wash and dry them according to your fabrics instructions.
step 6
Using the fabric spray paint you can spray your shorts to give them a glittery effect. It's hard to see in the photos, but I added the silver fabric spray paint to all 3 pairs of shorts to give them a "holiday sparkle".
step 7
You can also use the dimensional glitter paints to write holiday messages or designs.
Let your dimensional paint dry before trying to paint the other side.
step 8
If you don’t want to use the tie dye, you can use the glitter spray paint and add sparkle all over the shorts or just in places where you want it.
Have fun with these, you can make them as festive as you want using all the paints and dyes or keep them simple with just a bit of color and some sparkle. It’s up to you.
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