Glitter Scallop Heels DIY


New Year's is upon us and it's the perfect time to get dressed up in sequins and sparkles!  I was given the challenge of dressing up a plain pair of black pumps for the occasion and I decided to go business in the front, and party in the back! LOL!  I love a good scallop motif, so I decided to add it to my design!  These turned out so fun, here's how you can make your own!
What you need:
– Black high heel shoes
– White colored pencils
– Narrow paintbrush
–  Cookie sheet lined with foil
With the white pencil, draw a line from the base of where the heel attached to the shoe to the top of the shoe. Do this on both sides of the shoe.
Now draw 3 evenly-spaced scallops along the white line you drew, do this on both sides of the shoes.
 With the narrow paintbrush, fill in the area drawn at the back of the heel with fashion glitter bond. 
Working over your lined cookie sheet, sprinkle on a mix of fine silver and larger-fleck glitter. Cover the entire back of the shoe to the scallop edge you've drawn.
Now add the Glitter Bond to the heel of the shoe and again, sprinkle on the mixed silver glitter. Repeat this process on the other shoe!

Finally tap to to remove any excess glitter.  Look how amazing the glitter looks on these shoes!
Here's a look at my finished shoew. I love them!
These are the perfect shoes to step into for New Year's!

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January 15, 2015