No-Sew Sequin Tee DIY


 I love sequins. The sparkle and shimmer. 
 They are so mesmerizing to look at.
 Clumping them together gives an even  more mesmerizing effect.
I made this top with an Black Hanes T-shirt, some of Tulips sequins in Gold and Black 
making this inexpensive tee look like something you bought for much, much more.
Oh yeah, did I mention it is completely no sew.

Things you need.

  1.  Tee-Shirt *mine in a mens medium
  2. Tulip Premium Sequins Black and Gold
  3. Tulip Fashion glitter bond or
  4.  Aleene's Fabric Fusion
  5. Scissors
  6. Aluminum foil
    First you will want to cut off your collar.
    This will give you the off the shoulder look.
     Place aluminum foil in between your shirt.
     *This will help the glue from seeping to the  back of your shirt
     Arrange your sequins the way you want them.
     Now start to glue them down. I tryed both the glues.
    One half of the shirt I used Fashion glitter bond the other half quick dry Aleene's Fabric Fusion
    the fabric fusion is quick dry, so I worked a little section at a time. 
     This might take about a half of an hour or so 
    depending on how many sequins you have arranged.
     Once you have one side done, repeat image on the other shoulder.
    I opted for a lot of sequins around the neckline and then gradually fading them outward.
     Let this dry over night. 
    48 hour before you wash it.
    Wash in cold water or hand wash on the gentle cycle and hang dry .

     I just love how it turned out.
    This made a great date night shirt.
    For more of my easy, no sew DIY check out my
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    Have a wonderful week
    Lots of <3,

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