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April showers might bring May flowers, but they're also inspiring us in the DIY fashion department! Turn gray, gloomy weather into a grin-worthy wearable that'll have you ready to jump in puddles with Tulip® ColorShot® Instant Fabric Color and freezer paper cutouts! (Yep, it really is that easy to make it rain.)

What you need:

- Tulip® ColorShot® Instant Fabric Color - Gray
- White long-sleeved shirt
- Freezer paper
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Iron
- Plastic tablecloth
- Paper towels

On a sheet of freezer paper, create all kinds of different sized raindrops, then cut out with scissors. Place raindrops waxy side down on the front of your shirt and iron in place to create a temporary bond to the fabric. Make sure your work surface is covered with a plastic tablecloth, then begin spraying a light coat of gray across the top of the shirt, working your way two-thirds down the shirt and applying a lighter mist of color as you get towards the bottom portion. Remember to spray the sleeves too!

Keep applying several light coats of color versus one heavy coat to help prevent color bleed, and let each coat dry before applying the next. When you are happy with the color of your shirt, let it dry then remove the raindrop cutouts. 

So ready for some rain!

Thanks to our model Sarah from Hazel and Bean for this splashtastic photo! You can follow her on Instagram here

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