Musette Young


Musette's love of ceramics is best summed up by John Cheevers: "Art is the triumph over chaos." She believes this is nowhere more true than taking a bucket of mud and producing something lasting, beautiful, and even functional. Musette (Muse) Young has worked in ceramics since 1981 and was certified in Duncan® product in 1983. Her ceramic education includes attending the Rhode Island School of Design, Anderson Ranch, and studying under such master potters as Paul Soldner, Biz Littell and Ken Ferguson. Musette created a production pottery business in 1984 and continues to product pottery for both the wholesale and retail markets. Her expertise lies in working with multiple types of clays and glaze bodies, from cone 04 to cone 10. Teaching has always been a part of Musette’s career. She began teaching hobby ceramics in 1983 and moved on to teach wheel throwing, clay handbuilding, glaze design and raku firing. She has taught ceramics continually since 1989 and currently teaches in Colorado and Arizona. Musette says her one wish is to help bring high-fire potters and low-fire hobby ceramist closer together. “Even though we may apply the materials using different methods and fire at different cones, we all speak the same language.” She has been a Duncan® Ambassador since June 2000 and states that she is a huge fan of Duncan® product. Musette says her favorite creative activity is working with Duncan® products in unconventional ways. She loves to design and raku fire with Duncan® glazes and French Dimensions™, and also works with Concepts®, Cover-Coat® and E-Z Stroke™ underglazes at the cone 5-6 firing range. Click here to read how the Raku pots were made. Musette Young's website.