Allee Marderosian


Allee's creative spirit began at an early age and, quite frankly, she started crafting before she could walk. As the daughter of a long-time Duncan team member, Duncan®, Tulip® and Aleene's® products were always around the house and “getting creative” and trying new products was always on the daily agenda. “I remember for my 3rd birthday, me and my friends made custom painted T-Shirts, and then for the next five birthdays in a row, I always took everyone to the local Paint-Your-Own-Pottery studio to make ceramics [using Duncan® products of course]… I still have the ceramic bowls to prove it!” Allee started working at Duncan on a special project a couple years ago and that evolved into an apprentice position on the Design Team. Allee’s specialty is fashion art design with an “urban street” flavor and, with more and more young consumers expressing their creativity through fashion [and using Tulip® products to express their creativity], Allee earned herself a full-time Designer position and contributes by providing design and inspiration that serves this youthful consumer demographic. Allee has mastered the use of our dye products and has assisted the New Product Development team with concepts and techniques that have morphed into new products. Allee’s ultimate game plan is to go to culinary school and become a chef… But for now she’s super excited about her new journey – becoming a homeowner. You’ll hear more about this adventure as Allee will host a blog on that takes this “blank canvas”, her new home, and using Duncan®, Tulip®, Aleene's® and Crafty Chica™ products, applies her unique style to fashionable home décor projects that are sure to get noticed! Come back in July and check out Allee’s blog right here!!!