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Bite Your Lip T-shirt

Pucker up and have some fun with this crafty lips T-shirt that’s full of color and personality! Make your own lips stencil then add fabric paint, glitter and marker accents for a design that bites just right.



1. Use pencil to trace pattern of lips shape onto large piece of freezer paper. Cut out lips with craft knife, leaving center section for teeth intact. Leave paper tabs that connect outside edge lips to center part of mouth. This is your stencil.

2. Iron a large piece of freezer paper to the inside front of T-shirt to prevent paint from seeping through.

3. Iron lips stencil to front of shirt, in desired position. Use craft knife to carefully cut and remove paper tab connectors.

4. Use sponge pouncer to apply Crimson Red fabric paint to lips. Let dry.

5. Use paintbrush to accent lips design with Azalea fabric paint. Let dry.

6. Carefully remove freezer paper stencil from shirt, leaving freezer paper inside shirt firmly intact.

7. Use pencil to lightly trace teeth from pattern. Use Glacier White fabric paint to accent teeth. Let dry.

8. Lightly accent under bottom lip with Turquoise fabric paint. Let dry.

9. Use Black fabric marker to outline lips and fill in mouth around teeth.

10. Use included sponge to apply Glitter Bond to lips. While adhesive is still wet, sprinkle with Red glitter. Let dry. Shake off excess glitter.

11. Remove freezer paper from inside T-shirt.



  • Freezer paper
  • Pink V-neck T-shirt
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Craft knife


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