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DIY Quote Art Canvas

Some of us have quotes that we live by every day. Whether they’re words of inspiration, morals we live by, or daily reminders to make us smile. Once we find that one quote we love, we stick to it. Not often will you find your favorite quote already on a canvas ready to buy, but that’s okay. You can create your own using Tulip Chisel Tip Fabric Markers. Make a work of art all your own that inspires and shows your creativity.

DIY Flower Crown Cat T-Shirt

Can you think of anything better than a shirt with a cute cat on it? We can! A shirt with a cute cat wearing a flower crown! We know it might be hard to get an actual cat to wear a flower crown, so here’s the next best thing! Tulip Fabric Markers make it easy to pair your favorite things together for a T-shirt that's almost too cute for words.

DIY Glow Slime

Slime, the craft trend of 2017. Guess what, we’re about to put yet another twist on this fun DIY project for the kids. You’ve probably already done colored slime or glitter slime, but have you created GLOW slime? We didn’t think so! Grab the kids and take notes because this is a project you’ll have fun creating with Tulip Dimensional Glow Fabric Paint and Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue.

DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Clings

Glow-in-the-dark clings ... Never heard of them? Well, now you have! Clings are a fun and easy way to accessorize your room, phone, water bottle, basically everything! The best part about them is that you can create whatever design you want! Tulip® Glow Dimensional Fabric Paint makes it easy to create glow-in-the-dark clings for Halloween or everyday fun. Read on to get inspired!

DIY Ultimate Glow Costume

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to stand out from the crowd this Halloween. Is your costume going to be scarier, is it going to be cuter, is it going to be more creative than everyone else? All of these questions are running through your head as you try to figure out how you are going to have an eye-catching costume.

Then the light bulb in your mind turns on, well maybe off in this case, glow in the dark! That’s where we come in! Here are a few glow in the dark looks we came up with that you can wear as separate pieces, or all as one costume. Have fun!

Fabric Marker Baby Besties Shirt DIY

Looking for a dose of crafty cuteness?  Make these BFF shirts for your two fave little ones and just wait for the ahhhhh's to start happening.  Using Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers, create your own peas and carrot illustrations on light and dark fabrics -or- customize your tees with your own personal art or phrase. Here's how you do it!