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BFF Heart Matching Phone Cases

I love doing freelance projects for iLoveToCreate, because I always get a challenge to create something totally new and outside-the-box!  This month I was given the task of making BFF glitter phone cases and I'm so excited about how these turned out!  I would make one for my BFF, but unfortunately he doesn't have a's my dog Sebastian (you can see him on my blog here). Anyway, this is perfect for my human BFF instead and is super simple to make! Let me show you  how!

What you need:
– 2 inexpensive phone cases (same size, I ordered mine online)
– 1/2" to 3/4" bristle brush
– Scrapbook paper of your choice
– Scissors
– Sandpaper
– Paper plate
First off, trace phone case on back of scrapbooking paper and draw a half heart shape to desired size.Cut out half heart and trace opposite side on scrapbooking paper – cut out.

Use light sandpaper to buff the phone cases.
Spread the decoupage medium on the back of your half heart and press in the middle and to the edge of your phone case.

Apply a layer of decoupage medium to the top of the entire phone case surface.

Sprinkle the Tulipl Fashion Glitter over the wet decoupage medium. Shake off the excess onto your paper plate.

Seal the glitter using your brush and decoupage medium
 Use the side of your brush to apply a heavy coat of the decoupage medium around the paper heart.

Press your crystals in place on the wet glue around the heart. 
 Do a final coat of decoupage medium over the surface to seal everything and let dry!

Now you and your bestie can talk or text up a storm on your matching phones!

Sparkling Sweatshirt DIY

 A few years back I was working on a new logo with my mother who is an amazing graphic designer.  One of the ideas we were exploring was using my brand name letters around a collar like a necklace. I loved the logo, but ended up going with something else.  Still, that idea of letters forming a collar stuck with me.  Flash forward to this week and a sweatshirt I scored at Target for under six bucks on clearance.  It's so soft and comfy and made of recycled plastic bottles, so it's eco friendly to boot!  I loved this sweatshirt hack from Crafty Chica, so I decided to work a little crafty magic using Tulip and Aleene's products, creating a virtual collar and bracelets.  I love how this turned out!

You will need:
Black sweatshirt
Flat Back Faceted Plastic Gems
Parchment Paper or Old T-Shirt Scrap
Tooth Picks
Tweezers (optional)
 Decide how large you want your letters to be.  I started with an 's.'  Use your first letter to help size the next letters the same height and width.  I also planned out my crystal placement first.
Carefully peel plastic backing from letters.
Start with the R in the center and work out as you go.  Iron the letters on using parchment paper or an old t-shirt between the iron and the letters so they don't overheat and melt.  Check them to be sure the letters are fully attached.  
Add glue to gems and attach to shirt.  You can use a toothpick to apply glue and a second one to press the gem down and secure it.  You can also use tweezers to lift and place the gems.  Add gems around the sleeves to give the look of bracelets! 
That's it!  Fun, fast and fabulous!
 Visit us iLoveToCreate on Facebook and get in on the crafty conversation.  Visit me at The Impatient Crafter for more quick and easy DIY.

Floating Gem Necklace with buttons

I'm starting the new year by completing a project I've been thinking about all of 2013 - the floating gem necklace! I've seen versions online and wanted to do my own thing. I love all things bright, chunky and sparkly and this project fits that bill. To add a different spin, I incorporated buttons as well.


Assorted gems and crystals
Non-stick mat or freezer paper

1. Cut a piece of tulle and tape it to the mat or freezer paper (shiny side up).

 2. Play around with arrangements of the gems and buttons to find a layout you like. Once you get it, start glueing the pieces, one-by-one.

3. Let it set for about an hour.

4. Flip the entire piece over and let dry for another hour, until the glue dries clear.

5. Cut around the edge of the gems, but leave a couple inches at the top on each end to attach the ribbon.

6. Glue a stand of ribbon to each end. You could also stitch it by hand if you wanted.

7. And here you have it! What I like about this necklace is that if it looks too bulky, you can always trim off a row of gems to make it smaller. After I made this, I decided to make a bracelet too! You could also make a headband!

Thanks for checking out my project!

Making Mixed Media Art With The Munchkins

I like to keep my kids crafty. My daughter is much more into this idea than my son, but I’ll win him over with enough dump truck tire painting. In the meantime I can’t crack open a bottle of Tacky Glue without Tallulah running into the room wanting to craft with me. I try to always foster this urge and let her work on her own version of what I am playing with. Yesterday was all about mixed media.

It all started when I bought a bag of rollers at the thrift store. I was not sure what I was going to do with them, but the colors were calling my name. Baxter enjoyed putting them in his dump truck after I washed them and Tallulah loves to sort things by size and color. I watched as they played and thought deep crafty thoughts.

Rewind to a few weeks ago when I was inspired by the lovely artists Hearts and Needles and Jess Quinn of Small Art. I am trying to do more painting, mixed media and collage - expand my artistic horizons. I started making paper dolls with left over bits of scrapbooking supplies. Tallulah of course wanted to play along so I helped her cut sticky back foam and make her own self portrait.

Back to the curlers. They would look great just sitting on a shelf. I used to keep candy jars full of colorful spent shotgun shells on a shelf and these curlers were destined for the same fate. One night laying in bed I wondered if I could stuff them with foam and adorn them like vintage sequined and beaded ornaments. Even if I could what would I do with beaded curlers? I know, make a picture frame for my dolls.

First I decided to get all Traci Bautista on a small already printed canvas. At this point Tallulah was joining in painting a sheet of bird covered scrapbook paper. Using various stencils, Tulip Puffy Paint Writers, paper punches, and some Sparkly Collage Pauge I adorned my canvas and set it aside to dry. By this time Tallulah had found a piece of cardboard she was also painting to add to her masterpiece.

Next step – bedazzlement. I took a sheet of foam and pressed my curlers in. It took about 3 times to fill the entire curler up with foam. From here it was a slightly tedious process of using beading pins, seed beads, sequins and Tacky Glue to adorn the holes in my rollers. I stacked the designs on the pin and then dipped them in Tacky Glue and inserted into the curlers. As I adorned my 12 curlers Tallulah sat next to me and sprinkled beads and sequins onto the sticky side of some craft foam.

Tallulah taped her collage (using blue painters tape) to her cardboard. I decided to give it a frame of red and white striped paper straws. We also decided to cut circles out of her sheet of beaded foam and using Tacky Glue we added them to the piece. I’m kinda in love with the way it came out. She signed her name across the bottom and if you want to hire her for an art show I’m her agent. In the meantime this piece is happily hanging on our gallery wall.

Time to finish my piece. Using a thin layer of Tacky Glue on the back of my paper doll I added it to my canvas. I used a black pen to outline the doll and make it pop. Next I used a hot glue gun to add my curlers around the edges like a picture frame.

Once the curlers were attached there were a few rough edges to fix. I made yarn pom poms out of some vintage chunky yarn I found at my mothers and some fun pink stuff from Tuesday Morning. Using Tacky Glue I attached these to the 4 corners of the frame.

The final touch was going back in with Tacky Glue and aqua trim to hide the glue gun action on the inside of the canvas. I set my work aside to dry overnight.

This morning I’m feeling like I should pretty much start making phone calls to set up my first solo art show. The piece is so funky and fun, only something I could love. Tallulah equally loves her piece and is already asking to make another. Not only do I love how our pieces came out, I love that I got to show my kids that you can make art with more than paint and paper. If it will sit still long enough it will eventually get transformed into something funky in our house.

I have tons of rollers left. What ever shall I make next?

Easy Arm Candy Stack Jewelry Tutorial

I don't know what it is but an armful (or two) of pretty bracelets makes me feel more glamorous than anything in the world. 

So I decided to make a super easy stack of arm candy with some beads, findings, and of course Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue and got after it.
For this cuff jewelry project you will need:
Ready to embellish cuff 
Fun, blinged out beads or buttons
Nippers and a rasp or jewelry file
I found the perfect beads which just happened to have loops on the back to run string through. That would have been great if I wanted to string them but I wanted to add them flush to a metal cuff.
To correct the tiny problem, trip the loops as closely as possible.
Use your rasp or file to remove as much as possible until the bead or button lays nice and flush on your cuff. Repeat for as many elements as you need for your bracelet.
Apply a small dollop of jewelry and metal glue to the backside of your button or bead, or several dollops if the size or shape requires.
Now this glue means business and I have a tendency to be clumsy or accident prone. And since I've glued myself to one to many things, I use rubber tipped clamps in situations like this. It's just the same as if I held the bead down with my own fingers, but this way I don't have to worry about accidentally securing my hand to my jewelry!
Continue until all pieces are attached as you wish... And your fun cuff is ready to rock!
Next we're going to make a fun beaded bracelet to add to the stack.
For this bracelet you will need:
A variety of metal and rhinestone beads
Plastic or glass spacer beads as needed
Stretch rubber jewelry cord
You may need to experiment when stringing your beads for a proper fit. String as you'd like them and if too large, you may need to work out a pattern with a few less beads or if too small a few more. I find spacer beads come in handy for this and always grab something that will work with my primary beads in the event that things don't work out as first planned.
Be sure to stretch your cording before you begin so that it doesn't become too large with time!
My beads required two cords but that's no big deal. When finished knot the cord 3 times and then apply a healthy dollop of Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue to the knot. Allow to fully dry and then trim the extra string close to the knot.
And this baby is ready to go just like that. I can't stress enough that the choice of glue can make a huge difference in the longevity of your jewelry and while the glue makes a small appearance in the project, the need for it is great!
Lastly we're going to knock out a quick and on trend wrapped rhinestone bangle.
For this project you will need:
Store bought rhinestone bangle
String, cord or embroidery floss
Tie a knot in your string and begin wrapping around each stone. Pay attention to the number of turns you take on each to keep the look consistent.
When you get to the end, apply a small amount of Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue to the string and wrap at the end to finish. Hold the string taut for a minute or two until the glue sets.
Simple, sweet and totally stylish!
These are all so easy to create if you just have the right glue on hand.
And with the wide variety of beads and buttons available, the options are endless!
Pay special attention to the metal and stones in your beads to ensure a nice stack of arm candy when paired together.
But if you choose, each piece is stunning enough to be worn on its own!
For even more simple jewelry projects, visit my blog Dream a Little Bigger. I hope to see you there and thanks so much for checking out easy DIY bling here at iLoveToCreate!

Little Black Heels Designer Challenge

We gave our designers a challenge this month in honor of New Year's!  They were asked to turn a plain pair of black pumps into a glitzy pair using just a few of our favorite Tulip products! We love how each black pump turned out so different!

Each designer was given an assortment of Tulip 3D Paints in gold & silver, a 5-pack of Tulip Fashion Glitter, Tulip Fashion Glitter BondTulip Glam-it-Up Iron-On Crystals in red and crystal,  and a Aleene's Fabric Fusion pen.

 Suzie Shinseki decided to add a dash of New Year's fireworks using the Tulip 3D paint and Tulip Glam-it-up Iron-on crystals!  These turned out so artful and were the perfect way to add a little sparkle to the black pumps!
Erika Lindquist added a geometric touch to her shoes using tape along with the Tulip Fashion Glitter and Glitter Bond!  Super cool and they go right along with the geometric trend we saw in DIY in 2013! See the full tutorial for these shoes here: Geometric Glitter Heels DIY.
Pattie Wilkinson a.k.a. Pattiewack made these cool leopard-inspired pumps using the squeezable Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond and Fashion Glitter!  They turned out so striking and cool! Get the full tutorial here: Leopard Print Glitter Heels

These scalloped heels from Lauren Moritz are understated, but totally cool! Plain in the front, but they definitely make a WOW statement in the back using the Tulip Fashion Glitter.  See the full tutorial here: Glitter Scallop Heels DIY.

Which pair is your favorite? 

New Years Eve Time Capsule Hats

Looking for a quick and easy way to celebrate New Year's Eve? Send 2013 off with a crafty bang!  Nothing says NYE like a fun party hat, but what about a party hat that is really a time capsule? That's right these decorations are not for wearing, they are for stashing away memories to be saved for NYE 2014.

Large craft cone
Decorative paper
Decorative trims
Time capsule sheet from Thirty Handmade Days
Instant camera
Craft foam
The first thing I did was take pictures of my kids using the new instant camera Santa brought me. I wanted to capture them today on New Year's Eve. Funny glasses are optional. You could also brush your kids hair if you wanted.
Next, I interviewed my kids. You can make up your own questions about 2013. Baxter is a wee it young to start setting goals. We discussed favorite engines on Sodor, riding bikes without training wheels and debated between pink and green as favorite colors.
Decorating the hats/time capsules is the fun part. There is no right or wrong way to do it. I used vintage wallpaper, leftover Christmas tinsel, burlap and the tops of some party favor sunglasses I cut up. I do suggest sparkle being involved. It is NYE after all. I used Aleene's Tacky Glue to decorate my cone.
Once the glue was dry I inserted my interviews and pictures in the hat. I used craft foam and Tacky Glue to seal it up.
One year from today we are going to open our time capsules and giggle about all the answers. In the meantime these hats look pretty spiffy as decorations.

Glitter Scallop Heels DIY

New Year's is upon us and it's the perfect time to get dressed up in sequins and sparkles!  I was given the challenge of dressing up a plain pair of black pumps for the occasion and I decided to go business in the front, and party in the back! LOL!  I love a good scallop motif, so I decided to add it to my design!  These turned out so fun, here's how you can make your own!
What you need:
– Black high heel shoes
– White colored pencils
– Narrow paintbrush
–  Cookie sheet lined with foil
With the white pencil, draw a line from the base of where the heel attached to the shoe to the top of the shoe. Do this on both sides of the shoe.
Now draw 3 evenly-spaced scallops along the white line you drew, do this on both sides of the shoes.
 With the narrow paintbrush, fill in the area drawn at the back of the heel with fashion glitter bond. 
Working over your lined cookie sheet, sprinkle on a mix of fine silver and larger-fleck glitter. Cover the entire back of the shoe to the scallop edge you've drawn.
Now add the Glitter Bond to the heel of the shoe and again, sprinkle on the mixed silver glitter. Repeat this process on the other shoe!

Finally tap to to remove any excess glitter.  Look how amazing the glitter looks on these shoes!
Here's a look at my finished shoew. I love them!
These are the perfect shoes to step into for New Year's!

2013 Status Update Drink Coasters

New Year's Eve is right around the corner, which means lots of reflection on the past year and fresh goals for the future. Today I noticed a lot of Instagram and Facebook "yearbooks" - the best of the year. I thought it would be fun to take some of our favorite status updates and turn them into something functional for New Year's parties and gatherings.  

There are several ways to go, you can put the status update on one side and let people guess who said it and then put the picture of the person on the other side to be revealed!

Here's how to make them!

Cardboard coasters (you can cut these yourself, or ask your local waiter or waitress for a few)
Photos printed to fit the coasters
Gold craft paint

Use the glue stick to apply the photo to the coaster. Do this to both sides. Make sure it is really sealed nice and tight!

Print out the quotes, about size 10 works well. Cut out the quotes and use the glue stick to affix them to the coasters. Again, make sure the edges are sealed!

Trim the edges of the coaster in gold craft paint. Let dry. Next, add a healthy drop of glue and use your finger to smooth it evenly all over the surface. Make sure it is nice and smooth and coat all the way to the edges! Let dry. Repeat for the other side. 

Once it's all dry, use the spray varnish and spray. Let dry and add another coat. Repeat for the other sides. The reason its important to seal down the edges with the glue is so the varnish won't seep under the paper. Now your coasters are waterproof, sealed and ready for action! 

Valentines Day Pet Bowls

 I can't believe it's time to start thinking about Valentine's Day already! I'm excited, though, because this year I get to combine my love for my two favorite things....ceramics and my fur children.
 I have been known to describe myself as 'aspiring to be the crazy cat lady, but with dogs too'. I'm a sucker for an animal in need, and as a result I am the proud pet parent of three rather large pit bulls and four cats. In my defense, I didn't go looking for any of them. They all somehow found me! 
Although they are a ton of work and their vet bills tend to be a drain on my wallet, I wouldn't trade them for the world. The other day, while I was waiting for an appointment at the vet with Miss Kitty, I was having a text conversation with a friend of mine who keeps trying to convince me that I'm insane for spending so much money on my pets. I happen to think it's money well spent. I told him that I feel more guilty spending $5 at Starbucks than I do spending $500 at the vet. You really can't put a price on unconditional love. Plus, each one of them makes me smile and laugh every single day which is also priceless. They rescued me as much as I rescued them. 
 As if most everything I do doesn't already prove my love for my precious 'fleabags' (a term of endearment I regularly use), I decided that this year I prove it even more by making them all new food bowls for Valentine's Day. I used Duncan® Oh Four® Bisque, Cover Coats® , French Dimensions™ and Pure Brilliance® to create these. I love Cover Coats® because the colors are so vibrant and opaque, and you can paint one color over another similar to how you would use acrylic paint on a canvas. I use them all the time in my work and they are my underglaze of choice.

I hope you enjoyed this project! If you'd like to read more about the fleabags or see more of my ceramic creations, you can visit The Peculiar Palette, my personal blog.

See you next time!