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Congrats to Grammy Winner La Santa Cecilia We love your shoes



Yesterday, the Los Angeles band, La Santa Cecilia took home the award for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative AlbumWhy are we so excited for them? 
Well, because lead singer (and now Grammy winner), Marisoul is an avid crafter. One of her specialties is making her colorful wardrobe ensembles for her performances - which includes numerous pairs of dance shoes that she embellishes with PUFFY PAINT! 
Read on to see her magical shoes that she paints, and music videos too!


Marisoul performs at the Grammys in her awesome puffy paint shoes!
Even cooler, when the band performed yesterday at the Grammys pretelecast, she wore her hand beautiful painted shoes! While everyone else was sporting designer this and that, Marisoul wore her own original creations and made  her own fashion statement at the Grammys! We love that she creates and embraces her own style and inspires others to do so as well. 
Here is a video so you can see and hear  the band's music, followed by an interview I did with Marisoul last year.


Again, congrats to La Santa Cecilia from all of us here at iLoveToCreate! Keep the creativity flowing!

DIY Neon Friendship Bracelets



Neon is making a comeback and these DIY Neon Friendship Bracelets are one cool way to add some serious color to your arm candy and they have a bit of sparkle!  
OK, so neon is on it’s fourth or fifth come back. But, this time there are so many new and creative ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe without looking completely ‘80’s dayglo! 
These bracelets so quick and fun to make you’ll want to make lots and that’s good because they look amazing stacked together and don’t forget to make them for your friends too!

Leather Cord
step 1
Cut your leather cord long enough to wrap around your wrist a little more than 2 times. I cut mine 21 inches long.
Get the ends of your cut cord wet and wiggle them back and forth to soften them up. This will make it easier to tie them and will also help your knots hold better.
step 2
Wrap your cord around into a circle and tie one end around itself in a knot.
Pull your knot tight but still loose enough that it can slide on the leather cord.
Tie your second end around the other side of your circle.
You want your bracelet to be large enough to fit over your hand but you should be able to tighten it to fit more snugly on your wrist.
You can trim any extra cord on your knots, but be sure to leave about a half inch. You don’t want to cut it too short.
step 3
Using your Tulip Slick Neon Fabric Paints you can create fun patterns and designs on the leather cord.
TIP: Make sure your bracelet is open to a size that will fit over your hand when you paint it, otherwise your paint won’t let your knots slip to let you open and close it.
step 4
Before your paint dries you can add your Tulip Glam-it-Up Crystals to the paint.
Let dry.
Or you can add your crystals directly to the leather cord using your glue.
Let dry.
Mix up your colors and add lots of sparkle to these bracelets! These would be great to make with friends and share when you’re done. Because you can never have too many friends or friendship bracelets!
To see more fun fashion DIY’s be sure to check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom!

Button Tufted Headboard Makeover



Ok this time I’m serious. No really. I mean it. It’s time to get started on those resolutions. I have 768 of them, but one of my goals for the year is to do one home improvement thing per month. I have lot’s of projects waiting to be painted, re-upholstered, sanded, revamped and in today’s case re-tufted. I decided to start the year off with a bang and a big project so I am revamping my headboard.

I must admit I was inspired by the Erin bed and sofa from World Market. Man I love that store. However, when my mother found a beautiful linen camel back headboard at Tuesday Morning I knew I could make this puppy my own in a jiffy. I toyed with the idea of painting the whole thing, but in the end decided to go the covered button route. My thumbs hurt from pushing all those little buttons into the button maker, but it was worth it. Finally the master bedroom is on the way to fabulous.

Lucky for me I am a fabric hoarder. I don’t like to sew, but I can cover a button and applique like nobody’s business. I actually attacked an innocent vintage muu-muu for this project. The bright 60’s neon pinks against the prissy tan headboard was a marriage made in crafty heaven.

5 packs of Dritz Craft Cover Button Kits size 1 1/8”s were used. That’s 50 buttons people. Ya, did I mention my thumb hurt? Anyway, the button cover kits come with everything you need. Lucky for me there were even shankless button backs to cut down on my workload. All that was left to do was cut, pop and watch Bravo.

When I had a pile of buttons I took my headboard and placed it on my coffee table. I wanted my glue to be able to sit for as long as possible before I put the headboard back on my bed.

A few of my buttons did have shanks. Nothing a pair of pliers can't fix.

Oh Tacky Glue, is there anything that you can’t hold tight? Even my toddler has tried to pull these buttons and he can’t. I applied a big gob on the backs of buttons and let them dry completely.

All that was left to do was put my new and improved headboard back in place. I do love pink and tan.

My sister Hope Perkins was kind enough to give me a couple of pieces of her art that were done on vintage muu-muus. I thought the more Hawaii the better.

This room is still a work in progress, but I feel like with my headboard I'm one step closer to finished.

DIY BFF Earrings

Best friends are forever, true blue and faithful to the end.  Why not show your BFF a little love with these super simple DIY BFF Earrings?  A little paper, some decoupage medium and twine turn craft store wooden hearts into two sided earrings that are sure to cheer your BFF up every time she wears them!  PLUS they're cute coming and going!  Avalon and I put our heads together here, she loves these muted colors and simple jewelry, I scaled back on my usual over the top size to make them easy and comfortable to wear every day.  These are perfect for a trend savvy teen.

 You will need:
2 1" wooden hearts
Scrapbook papers (ours are from Cosmo Cricket)
Scrapbook word stickers (also Cosmo Cricket or print your own)
Metallic accented hemp twine
2 silver plated 10mm jump rings
2 silver plated dapped and coiled French ear wires
Electric drill with 1/16" bit
Extra fine sand paper and sander 
Spread a thin layer of decoupage medium on one side of hearts, place on paper.  Let dry for ten minutes.
Trim excess paper.
Repeat steps one and two on opposite sides of hearts.
Sand edges on both sides with extra fine sandpaper.
Add your text as shown (on both sides!)
Seal layers with two coats of decoupage medium on both sides. 
 Measure and cut cord to fit around hearts.  Spread a bead of glue along edge of hearts and attach cord.  Use a toothpick to press and secure the cord ends in the divot of the hearts.
Use a pen to mark your drill hole placement, make sure you have a left and right earring!
Drill the holes, carefully.  Sand any excess paper from holes.  Attach a jump ring to each heart and attach this to your ear wires.
Here's the other side of the earrings:
Fun, fast and fabulous!  This would be a fun  'Girls' Night In' Project and makes for a delicious and calorie free Valentine's Day gift!  What's not to love?
For more quick and easy craft ideas visit me us The Impatient Crafter and for Fashion and Style you can find us at DIY Doyenne!
Avalon and Margot

Get Organized Crafty Style in 2014

This time of year a goal on almost everyone’s list is to be more organized. I know it is on mine. As a matter of fact I am trying a 52 weeks of organizing type program. So far so good. Luckily, I have a few cute craft suggestions to make organizing easy.

No kitchen is complete without some sort of message center. Most families always need somewhere to keep a grocery list, permission slips and what not – why not make it cute. Using a sheet of metal, clipboard and some vintage wallpaper I got my tacky glue on and made a message center that I adore. Now if only I would actually start using it.

Since my move I have yet to unpack my jewelry. Shocking I know. Even more shocking is the fact that I have made not one, but two different jewelry displays for I Love to Create through the years. I really have no excuse. An embroidery hoop makes a great earring holder and a vintage thrift store jewelry box is easily transformed into something special. Now to get everything untangled and organized.

As a compulsive picture taker it is important to keep my pictures organized. After my children were born I made a promise to start printing my pictures and putting them albums. In recent years I have been making scrapbooks, but originally a plain old photo album was ok by me. Well maybe not plain. Check out this tutorial on how to cover your own photo album with fabric.

I can never find a pen. I know they exist in my house, but just like socks they get sucked into the abyss. I once had the bright idea to decorate an old tin can and make a cute can corral for my pens. It works great when I buy a brand new pack of pens and put them in there. The problem is I always forget to put said pens back after using them.

Some magazines you read and recycled, others (like crafty ones) you keep forever. Magazines can get unruly quick to wrangle all those periodicals with a cute fabric covered magazine holder. I made these as a Mother’s Day Gift, but giving the gift of organization (even to yourself) is always welcome.

Do you have any crafty ways of getting organized in 2014? I’d love to hear them.

Neon Kicks

I was a kid in the 80's and one of my very favorite pair of shoes were some neon chucks. My grandmother thought they looked like "the ugliest bowling shoes ever" but I remember them fondly! With the resurgence of neon it seemed the perfect time to recreate those fun, neon kicks!

For this project you will need:
White canvas shoes
Because I don't have reason to wear neon every day I decided to downgrade my original chucks with generic brand sneakers. Search on Ebay for a great deal but be warned these bargain shoes often run a size smaller than what you would normally purchase.
Using your fabric paint brush smooth neon green on the inside of your shoe. Use cotton swabs as needed to remove paint from the insides of the eyelets. Apply several thin coats until you achieve the brightness of the neon you're going after. 
Paint the outside of each shoe neon orange and the inside neon pink. Only paint one color at a time and allow to fully dry between coats and to prevent from getting pink on your orange, etc.
After they have had plenty of time to dry lace with a fun pair of neon laces.
Get them on and get after it!
If you like this project, you may want to check out my other tutorials at my craft blog, 
Dream a Little Bigger! Thanks so much for reading!


Tie Dye Glitter Necklace

 This Tie Dye Glitter necklace was inspired by this fabulously over the top Dior runway design below.

I LOVE the layers upon layers of points in the Dior, but I wanted to make something a little more ready to wear.  It started with the shape, then the idea of giving it texture, color and sparkle with layered glitter.  I like to experiment with unconventional materials when creating jewelry.  There isn't much that escapes my creativity!  I'm thrilled with how this design turned out, it's fun and funky and right on trend.  The tie dye glitter technique could be fun for all sorts of creations and iLoveToCreate products make this mostly mess and stress free. Here's how to make one of your own!

You will need:
Green, blue and gold Tulip Fashion Glitter
8x12" Grungeboard or chipboard sheets
Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer matte finish
17 Jump rings
18" Chain
Parchment paper or wax paper
Hole punch
Chain nose pliers
Bent nose pliers
 The spikes are 1" wide and 6" long.  Mark every inch on top of an 8x12" sheet of Grungeboard or Chipboard.  Mark each 1/2" interval 6" down from the top as in photo. Cut off excess sheet on bottom.
Pour glitter on a plate in layers.  Use a toothpick or stick to carefully blend glitter into striations as in photo.  This gives the points the tie dye effect.
Place Fabric Fusion sheets on front side of pre-marked board.  Dip into glitter, coating thoroughly.  Repeat on back side of each sheet. 
Use sturdy scissors to cut points using the marks you made earlier as guides.
Punch holes in top center of each point.
Use scissors to round edges and tips of points.
Spray front and back of each point to seal glitter.  Put wet points on wax paper or parchment paper to keep it from sticking while it's wet.  Let dry overnight.
 Attach daggers to chain using chain and bent nose pliers.  Attach a jump ring to each chain end.  Attach clasp to jump ring on one chain end.

That's it!  Fun, fast and fabulous!  Try mixing up different colors of glitter for different effects.  Add more points. change the sizes, we'd love to see what you do with this idea!

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Sequined Embellished Bottle

Being a craft blogger can be a lot of work. With so many trends, techniques, and ideas out there, sometimes my mind goes blank. I just want to make stuff and not think about any of that. Therefore, every now and then I just have to pull down the shade to it all and go back to my roots. 
For me, it's all about loud and shiny. I think it's my Mexican roots. In Mexico, many people just take whatever is at their fingertips and decorate it. Cans, Cigarette boxes, tins, you name it. and of course - beer bottles! Absolutely anything goes. 
That is the case with this week's project. I came across this awesome Corona beer bottle and knew a glittering session was in store. It's heavy, chunky and has a beautiful shape. I love the printed label on the glass. It also gave me a chance to use up some sequins that I purchased all the way from India! I can use my bottle as a vase or candle holder, or just to add a blast of color.

Small sequins
Paint brush (medium and a liner brush)
Wash and dry your bottle. Paint the adhesive around the border, just outside the label. Do this all the way around so it is nice and juicy.
Pour the sequins onto the wet glue and press in place with your fingers. Remove any that are in the way.
Use a thin liner brush to add glue and glitter to the letters on the front of the bottle. I worked one letter at a time so the glue wouldn't dry before I could get the glitter applied.
Use the wider brush to add glue and glitter to the top of the bottle.
I figured since I had glitter and sequins, I may as well as crystals! I used the Tulip PDA: Personal Dazzle Assistance. These were great because they come in strips, so you just peel and stick!



Eye Candy Fun with iLoveToCreate at the 2014 Craft Hobby Show

All of our team at a great time at the 2014 Craft & Hobby Tradeshow and Convention!  Our booth this year was loaded with inspiration and we had a blast sharing the work of our talented team with attendees.  A lot was going on in our booth...from Pattie (above) decoupaging her fabulous magazine mannequin to enthusiastic tie dye action from our favorite reality TV star Rupert Boneham.  Let us take you on a mini tour of all the activity!

There was a Today Show segment filmed in our booth featuring Rupert and Joelle Garguilo.  Rupert shared how to make a spiral t-shirt using our Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye. Of course, he brought his awesome charisma and charm to the process.  It was great!
Our friend Lil' Spazz Mac and Rupert became instant friends! Actually, everyone at the show became instant friends with Rupert.  He is such a nice guy!
Here's our Scribbles 3D Paint display!  We painted 60+ beach balls in various sizes with the paint for this colorful and eye-catching display!  Also, our bike, decked out in Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye was also a BIG hit with show goers!
 Here's a closer detail of some of our crazy Scribbles beach balls!  We had a lot of fun with this project! 
 Our talented in-house artist Suzie Shinseki painted these eyes on a canvas using Tulip Soft Paints and accessorized using Tulip 3D Paints.  The eyes definitely DID have it!
We showcased several people in our booth and how "Creativity Changes Everything" for them. One of our featured designers was the mega-talented Mark Montano.  Mark shared his creative story directly on his dip-dyed dress. Absolutely beautiful!
Cosplayer Mel Hoppe's costumes were on display in one of our creative vignettes. She shared her passion for Cosplay and creativity in her video! See more of her work at

 We had these awesome coffee coozies printed with our tradeshow theme logo on it.  A lot of folks were really excited about this one, since it was a chance to chill a bit and just color like a kid using the Tulip Fabric Markers!
 Here's a cool decopauge piece that Pattiewack dreamed up and our whole team helped execute!  During a recent marketing meeting, our team learned how to make the rolled magazine loops for this piece.
 Artist Celery Jones designed and painted this bold-patterned mannequin, on display to show off our new collection of  Body Art paints, glitters, and hair chalks!  So many folks got a fun hand-drawn tattoo or swipe of hair chalk in their 'do while at the show!
This lantern in our booth was made using Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye, Aleene's Tacky Glue, and white tissue paper spread out on clear plastic wrap.  It is not as complicated as it looks. We promise to share a video really soon on how to make this cool craftable texture.
Here's a cool detail of a yoga ball covered in Aleene's Tacky Glue bottles in our booth!  Who knew hundreds of glue bottles could make fine art?
Here's a really cool creation from our friend Crafty Chica!  She made this funky and functional table to display her Crafty Chica product line out!  It was so cool!
And finally, some of our iLoveToCreate bloggers were on hand in the Cre8time booth to demo fun t-shirt crafts. They made so many clever tee creations over the course of 3 days. These gals (Jaderbomb, Cathy Attix, Megan Nicolay, Jennifer Perkins, and Avalon & Margot Potter) truly rocked it and we appreciate all their hard work!

Which inspiration is your favorite?  We can't wait to do all this again next year!

Glittered Heart Napkins

Wahoo! It's almost time to celebrate Valentine's Day and I have to admit something to you. I am not really a fan of the actual holiday BUT I am a fan of the colors involved with this holiday. Who doesn't love loads of pinks, reds and whites! Today I will show you how to make glittered heart napkins. These can be used for a table setting, a gift, a place to put your favorite things on or a dish towel. The ideas are endless! 

Let's go make some glittery napkins, y'all! 

What you'll need:
The color pink is greatly related to hearts and Valentines Day so I figured it would be the best color to use in today's project. 
These Hot-Fix Glass Crystals are amazing! You simply place them on the fabric, lightly put a piece of fabric on top then place the iron on top for about 45 seconds. Voila! It's not fixed to the fabric. 
1. Begin by unfolding your fabric napkin.
2. I googled "heart" and printed out a small outline of one. The size you print will depend on what you plan on putting the heart on.
3. Carefully cut it out.
4. Place the heart cut out on top of your Tulip glitter sheet and outline as many as you need. 
Cut them out with a good pair of scissors. 
Place them where you want on your fabric. 
Cover with another piece of fabric then place the iron on top of hearts. Hold iron in place for about 50 seconds. Every iron is different so you might only put it down for 30 seconds depending on the heat settings. You will know when it's done by looking at it. You can also lightly touch the heart and you will see if it's stuck to the fabric. 
The instructions are also located on the back of the pack. 
Once your hearts are done place the beads where you want, then iron. 
Once I finished my hearts and beads I outlined all of the hearts with my pink dimensional fabric paint. I love this color!
I think orange would also be a great color to use for hearts. I mean "orange you glad I told you that"... 
I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! See you in the next post!
 Huge glittery hugs, JADE
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