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Geometric Triangle Marker Tote

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think I will ever have enough bags, purses or totes!  I love grabbing one when on the go and it’s great to have a few for different occasions. What I love most about totes is the versatility of them they pretty much work with anything and are perfect for on the go. But it gets better when you personalize your own tote, and the possibilities are endless with Tulip Multi Fine Fabric Markers.

Cactus Easter eggs


I am completely obsessed with cactus right now! Oh man, who am I kidding I have always been obsessed with them! I could not resist making these cactus Easter eggs. This craft is perfect for any cactus lover. It’s a fool proof, fun and trendy way to decorate this year’s Easter eggs with Tulips Slick Dimensional Paint.