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Neon Geometric Clutch DIY

Create fabulous neon stripes using the Tulip Neon Fabric Markers on a super chic Neon Geometric Clutch with this simple DIY tutorial. I’m using a fuzzy faux shearling fabric for this clutch, I was able to color it really easily and well with the fabric markers and it’s so cozy and cuddly to hold!

My inspiration to make this clutch came from this clutch I saw in a magazine and of course the amazing potential of the Tulip Neon Fabric Markers. These fabric markers have a brush tip on them making it perfect to write or color on a fabric with pile or texture. The color came out really strong and gorgeous!

Faux Shearling fabric
Zipper (I used a 7”)
Sewing machine or needle & thread

step 1
Cut your shearling fabric.

I cut mine 15 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

You want to cut the width twice as long as your zipper plus 1 inch.

step 2
Layout your fabric on a flat surface. Measure and draw stripes across one end of your fabric.

Fill in your stripes with your fabric marker. 

You may need to go back and forth to get all sides of the pile on your shearling fabric.

You want your stripe to be really strong and solid.

Let it dry.

step 3
Fold your fabric right sides together and pin your zipper in place.

Unzip your zipper and sew it to your fabric. It’s much easier to sew with the zipper unzipped.

step 4
Zip your zipper closed and sew your side seam.

step 5
Open your zipper at least a little.

Turn your clutch and fold your end so that your side seam is in the middle of your end seam and sew.

Turn right side out through the zipper.

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Sparkly Stained Glass Jars

When you are a crafter, you see opportunity in every object - especially glass jars! I haven't exactly jumped on the mason jar craze, but I do love jars with different shapes and curves. Not only do they add a sense of beauty to a space, but can also be very functional. I gathered up the empty jars in my house and made a fun collection, yes, even a mason jar too! I used Collage Pauge, leftover Tulip One-Step Dye, and Tulip Fashion Glitter! Click below to see my full tutorial with lots of pictures!

– clean and dry glass jars
This is a great project if you have leftover mixed dye. Store it in a sealed container because you can use it for this project. you can also use the dye powder from the bottle. You want to add a bit of the dye already mixed to a about 1/4 cup of Collage Pauge Glossy. Mix thoroughly.
This is what they will look like. I was worried, I was like, "Pastels! Nooo!" But hang on, the liquid dries clear, creating the stained glass look.
Pour it around the inside top of the jar. This one, I made purple and added translucent glitter to the mix. Once you pour it, then roll the jar around so it it completely covered.
Set up a place where you can set the jars upside down so the liquid can drip out, you want only a thin layer left in the jar. Let dry completely.
Add the Tacky Dots and glitter!
And there you have it! Aren't they pretty? I love the how the sun shines through them. You could also wrap the tops with wire and hang them!

22 DIYS with a lotta heart

Love is in the air! Can you feel it?  Yep, that means that in a week or so, Valentine's will be upon us.  What way to better celebrate, than to make your own crafty DIY!  Here's some seriously sweet ideas that won't break the budget to make for yourself or give to a friend or loved one!

Which one of these heart DIYs was your fave?

How to make Heart Cups

Wahoo! It's almost that time to celebrate "Valentine's Day". I can't say I am a huge fan of this holiday BUT I am a huge fan of HEARTS! There is something whimsical when it comes to hearts don't you agree. Today I will show you how to make fabric heart cups. These can be used for a special occasion, birthday party, holiday gift or just to sip on yourself. The ideas are endless! If you are a heart fan make sure to check out my Glittered Heart Napkins I made a few weeks ago. 

Let's go make some heart cups, y'all! 

What you'll need:
The colors of these fabric marker's make me smile from ear to ear. I am sure it's because they are NEON. I fall in love with everything NEON. 
1. The first thing you will do is get a fabric marker closest to the fabric you are using. Freehand a HEART shape on it.
Next grab a pair of scissors and cut the HEART out. 
3. Hold the heart cutouts in your hand and kiss them, hehe. 
These fabric sheets are pretty amazing to craft with. Peel one of the sheets then stick your fabric on it. Press firm then cut shape out. Last thing you do is peel the thin layer of paper from the back of fabric. Time to stick where you want! I love these because they can go on practically anything. Glass, phone cases, shirts or jeans! Endless! 
The colors of the dimensional paint I used are : Lectric Lime, Bright Teal and Poppin Purple. 
I wanted a small candy dish to put out when I drink from these cups so I wrapped some fabric around a small glass candle holder (I put fabric fusion on the back). I left the fabric a little long on the bottom so I could make fringes. Just cut strips with your scissors. 
Once you place your fabric hearts on the cups add dots around them with your dimensional paint. It's really that simple! Make sure you allow them to dry over night before using. When cleaning I would gently hand wash them. 
How precious are these babies!
I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! See you in the next post!
 Huge glittery hugs, JADE
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Pretty Valentine Jar Luminaries

Valentine's is upon us!  I was tasked with creating some romantic jars to celebrate the season.  They are one of the easiest crafts you can make and the results are so magical!  Also, I've never met a jar craft I did not like, so I was ready for the challenge.  Here's how you can also get the look! :)

What you need:
Aleene's Decoupage Medium in Matte (You can also use Collage Pauge in matte)
– Tissue paper in a variety of colors
– Small mason jars
– Scissors
– Lace ribbon and/or twine
– Newspaper (to cover your work surface)

Cut up small strips of paper from your stack of tissue paper.
Now add a coat of your Aleene's Decopauge to your jar using your paintbrush.

Press the strips of paper in place on the white jar, smoothing any air bubbles out with your finger or brush.
I cut up 1" strips of the red tissue paper and arranged them in a chevron fashion.  Don't worry, any overlapping areas of the tissue paper won't show much when you've collaged them on!

For another jar, I cut out polka dots with the tissue paper.

...and collaged on a photo from my wedding day!
For the final step, adorn your jar using twine or lace!  Such a pretty look for Valentine's Day!

Valentine Polka Dot Oxfords

I love making shoes specifically for an occasion. I, of course, totally wear them other times, too but a pair of shoes sitting in wait for Valentine's Day... I think that's just too much fun! Last year I knocked out some super cute tennies, but this year I decided to go a bit dressier with oxfords!

For this project you will need:
white oxfords (I got mine on Ebay for about $11 from eyesonstyle)
Cotton swaps
Take your paint and brush it on to the middle area that goes around the top of the shoe. But leave the area where the laces go white. 
Now I used dimensional paint but that is only because I thought I had  soft fabric paint and didn't.  I'd definitely recommend the soft fabric paint for better coverage. I used the full bottle of dimensional paint to get good coverage on the shoes.
Keep cotton swaps and water on hand to help with clean up from accidents.
Paint fresh coats on top of dried ones until the color is solid.
Now take a fresh cotton swab and dip it into your white paint and daub a polka dot pattern on one side of one shoe.
Alternatively, you can make one line and then make the lines above and below for a fairly consistent pattern.
Use one shoe as reference for the other, completing the outsides and then the insides alternating shoes for dry time.
Now these shoes were technically laceless with elastic inside to keep them on but I really had my heart set on ribbon laces. So I cut out the elastic and got after it.
Cut 30 inches of ribbon and cover the ends with tape so that they will lace through the eyelets.
Lace your shoes and trim off the tape. Apply tacky glue to the ends and give a moment to dry. Cut a nice, smooth end with your scissors.
Bam! Aren't they super duper cute? I've already done my dance around the house in them and I fell so fancy and lovey dovey in them :)
Because I used both paint and ribbon I already had on hand, these cuties cost me less than $12. That's a steal for my date night shoes, don't you think?
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post! If you dig this shoe makeover, I'd love to encourage you to visit my blog Dream a Little Bigger where I have over a ton of shoe makeovers just waiting for you!

Single Ladies Chocolate Boxes

Valentine's Day and all the smooches and gooey lovey-dovey stuff involved can make single people barf. And anti-Valentine's thoughts can get a little bitter. So I thought I'd come up with a happy medium. I call these Single Ladies Chocolate Boxes - celebrating being single and loving it. I've been married for 23 years, but have friends who are still looking for that special someone, so this is dedicated to them!
Treat yourself to your own dang box of chocolates and the best part is you don't have to share! Make a set and pass them out to your single friends and all of you can indulge together! Maybe it will help hold you over until your soulmate finally arrives. 
Click below to read on to see the full tutorial!



Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate
Fun foam
Scissors, pencil
Trace the top of the box onto the fun foam and cut out the heart shape. Write your saying on the foam. NOTE: Practice first for spacing! Let dry for an hour or so.
Do the same for the Tacky Sheet. Peel off the backing and place on the box top. Peel off the top protective sheet and place the foam on top. Make sure to line it up evenly.
Once you are done, trim all the excess off the edges. If you want, you can line the sides of the boxes with pretty scrapbook paper. Or you can just rip into the chocolates...
Pass them out to all the single ladies and gents and enjoy your sweets together! If you want, you can replace the chocolate with trinkets, etc.

Vintage Valentine Plate Portraits

I have a soft spot for vintage crafts. Each time I see a pair of plates with a spiffy felted couple on top I’m tempted to buy them. Finally today, I broke down and made my own Valentine’s Day themed pair. A little different from the traditional pair with the lady in her veil and hat and the mister with his pipe.
Pair of old plates
The first thing I did was cut out my shapes from felt and burlap. I wanted to have everything done and placed before I busted out my glue. A tip is to take a picture with your cell phone before you disassemble to glue.
Using Aleene’s Tacky Tape I first applied my burlap faces. Burlap is loosely woven so I didn’t want to use a wet glue because it would come through. My plates are slightly oblong and amoeba shaped so I did each face a different direction on the plates.
Piece by piece using Aleene’s Tacky Glue I applied my felt detail pieces.
I added a few hearts for good measure to get me in the Valentine’s Day mood. I named the piece: “Hey Valentine, would you like toupee with me?” since it looks like the dude is sporting a hair piece.
Now I totally want to go through my library of vintage craft books and find something else to revamp and put a new spin on!

Easy Image Transfer on canvas using Collage Pauge

We've been in a BIG image transfer mood these past couple of weeks in the design studio here at iLoveToCreate!  I printed out several of some of my original photography and my crafty friend Miranda has been helping transfer them onto canvas and wood. They have been turning out so awesome & distressed.  The photo transferred above actually looks almost like painting. Let me show you how we did this cool and artful technique!  I promise you are going to want to try it for yourself once you see how easy it is to do!





What you need:


Collage Pauge Decoupage in Matte or Glossy (get it and find more info here)
– Photo printout on LASERJET printer (you'll thank me for bolding this later)
(Get a free 8"x10" download of the San Francisco building scene we used here)
– 8x10 white canvas
– 1" bristle paintbrush
– old gift card or credit card
– soft sponge
– scissors
Before you begin:  Using your photo editing software program, size a photo of your choice to fit the dimensions of your canvas. In this case, my canvas was 8"x10", so I sized the photo to be 8"x10" and then printed it out on LASERJET
Note:  We've seen this project created with other collage & decoupage mediums in the marketplace.  What makes Collage Pauge different is that there is no odor and you get less visible brushstrokes compared to other products! Now back to the project!!!
Cut out around your image with scissors.
Squeeze out a generous amount of Collage Pauge onto your brush.
 Spread the Collage Pauge back and forth in one direction covering the entire image. 
Flip over your pauged picture and position it flat on the canvas.
.  Use a gift card to smooth out an air bubbles and to create a tight bond of the Collage Pauge to the canvas. Let it sit 4-6 hours or overnight.
 Wet your finger or a sponge with a bowl of water and start gently scrubbing off the paper. This is the most time-intensive part of the process, so be patient with it!  A thourough and even light scrubbing will produce the best results.
 Here's what it looked like after scrubbing off most of the paper.  Some areas will look more distressed and scrubbed than others.  For this technique, this is actually a good thing! It gives more artful character to the finished piece!
Even after you think you are finished scrubbing, you will want to go back in and scrub some more.  You will know when to stop scrubbing when there's no paper pulp left when you let it air dry. When you are finished, you can go back and add another coat of Collage Pauge to seal and give it a finished look!

Here's a fun vine we made showing the process to give you a better idea!
Here's a close-up detail of what the canvas looked like when finished.
Here's another example of a canvas that we made using vintage images of Aleene Jackson (the inventor of Tacky Glue). We gave her this canvas as a 90th birthday present last week.

Another way to use this technique is to incorporate it into your mixed media process.  For example, after I transferred this image I took of some signage at the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, I went back in with a pen and doodled on top.  It gave it a hand-drawn look that I love.
And here's some more examples of our work from this week. We even transferred a photo onto wood. That's me and my daddy on my wedding day at bottom on the wood surface. The wood grain even popped through!

What do you think of this process? Does it look like a cool new technique you'd like to try with your photos?

DIY Phases of the Heart T-shirt


Phases of the Heart Finish2
I was inspired by a DIY phases of the moon T-shirt I saw on Pinterest, and thought it would be fun to try a heart shape in place of the moon. Though Valentine's Day is an odd one to celebrate -- it's gotten a little commercial in the past few decades for my tastes, but I do appreciate another opportunity to tell the people dearest to me that I care about them with an extra hug, a simple handmade valentine...or a T-shirt! (PS: Did you know that it's celebrated as "Friend Day" in Finland? I love that!)
moonphases materials


What You Need:


-1 plain T-shirt 
(I chose purple to suggest a night sky background)
(I mixed about equal parts Grape and White)
-Freezer paper (to create the stencil)
-Pen or pencil (to sketch)
-Craft knife and cutting mat
-Iron and ironing board
-Scrap paper or cardstock


Cut out a heart from the scrap paper or card stock and trace it 9 times onto freezer paper (shiny surface down), arranged in a rectangle grid. (Alternatively, create the grid of hearts and alter them on the computer, print it, and use the craft knife to trace over it to create your freezer paper stencil.)


Use the same heart to trace small "cutouts" out of the full heart (to show the waxing and waning phases), as shown. Shade in the area you intend to cut so you don't get confused and have to start over!
Carefully cut out the shaded areas of the varying heart shapes from the freezer paper to create the stencil.


Lay the T-shirt flat. Center and iron the stencil (still shiny surface down) onto the front of the shirt.moonphases5
Prepare your paints, insert an extra sheet of freezer paper between the layers of the shirt (to prevent the paint from bleeding through), and carefully apply the paint lightly over the stencil.
Continue until the entire design is covered. Apply extra layers of paint if you're working on a darker shade T-shirt.


Carefully peel back the stencil and let it dry completely.
Remove the scrap paper, and try it on!
Phases of the Heart Final1


BONUS! Before you toss those scraps of freezer paper that you cut from your stencil, iron them onto another T-shirt in the same configuration, and use Tulip Fabric Spray Paint to cover over them. Let dry and peel them back to get a reverse image--a companion to the original Phases of the Moon T-shirt. 
I call it "Total Eclipse of the Heart" T-shirt.