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UP Inspired Decor

I am constantly getting inspired by the things around me. Whether it's something from the present or 8 years ago. The great thing about being a craft blogger is when you get struck with inspiration a craft tutorial magically appears.  Well, not magically but the process sure feels like magic I tell ya. I am super excited about today's post and I am sure you will be too. I will share with you 3 different ways to use this UP inspired decor.
Let's get started!

For this project you will need:
– Clear Ornaments
– Hot Glue Gun
– Magical Tree Stumps (mini)

The first thing you will do is take the top off of the ornament and place it top down onto a flat surface. 

Grab a tube of the spray paint and start spraying in one spot. Don't spray the entire bulb at one time. These sprays are so easy to use and they spray consistently the same over and over. 

Once you start spraying your ornament with multiple colors it will look a little clumpy but don't worry once it settles and dries it will look like a magical ball floating in the universe! 

How gorgeous are these suckers! I took a stick of wood cut them with a saw to create small pieces of wood for the base of the ornament. I wanted them to look like hot air balloons, or like the house on UP with balloons on top. 

You can also let them dry, put the top back on the ornament, glue the wood to the bottom of the ornament then hang from the ceiling at different heights! You can also hang these on your Christmas tree as hot air balloon ornaments. 

Another thing you can do is put the top back on them and hang then as plain sphere ornaments on your tree. These will look magical with white light beaming around them. 

I hope you enjoyed this fun post! Just stay creative and put them all over you house. I promise you they will make you smile big!

Huge glittery hugs, JADE

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Ugly Tie Christmas Tree Sweater

This month in our design studio, we had an Ugly Sweater design-off!  I had no clue what I was going to do at first, but got inspired after a trip to the thrift store.  I think my sweater turned out so ugly, that it's actually cute and Chloe is adorable modeling it for the photos.  Let me show you how this project came together...

What you need:
– Basic plain sweater or sweatshirt (I used a red sweater turtleneck)
– 5 men's holiday ties
– Buttons
– Scissors
I started off with a plain blank turtleneck sweater from the thrift store. I was walking around the thrift store trying to think of a way to decorate my sweater that would be different!
Then I spotted these holiday ties and right away knew that I needed to make a tree out of them.  I layed my ties down and snipped them to create a tree shape!
Next, I got our my Aleene's Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Tape. I knew this would be the best tape to position my ties on with...and the best thing is that it's mess-free!
I unrolled the sticky side onto each of the backs of my ties along each tie edge.

Then simply peeled away the backing and applied the ties to my sweater in the tree fashion.
Use the end of the middle tie that you snipped off to make a bow for the top of the tree.  Apply it also using the Fabric Fusion Tape.

I used a dab of the Aleene's Fabric Fusion on small buttons and randomly placed them all over my ties to serve as "ornaments".
Who knew men's neck ties could look so ugly?  Oh wait...

Santa Sacks

 I thought it would be fun this year to have a special way to wrap the presents that are from Santa, so I made these "Santa sacks" to put under the tree for my boys.  You can make these even if you don't sew.  How?  It's a pillowcase.  Easy peasy.

To make these Santa sacks you'll need:

– a pillowcase
– wide ribbon
– Tulip fabric paint
– Tulip glitter transfer sheets
– string/cord
– freezer paper
We have a lot of extra pillowcases lying around so I grabbed a couple to use.
 Next I designed and created a freezer paper stencil.  (If you are new to freezer paper stenciling, you can watch my how-to video HERE.)  I used a cutting machine to cut my stencil, but if you don't have one you can use a craft knife.  You could also freehand the letters instead or could also pick a simpler design.
 After ironing on my stencil I painted it all in.  Be sure to put something inside the pillowcase so the paint doesn't leak through to the back side.
 Removing the freezer paper is always my favorite part.  It's that big "ta-dah" moment!
 For the nose I cut a small circle from my Tulip glitter transfer sheets.  To apply it you simply lay a cloth over the top of it and iron it on.
If you don't sew, I would just tie the bag up with the ribbon.  However, if you want to create a cinch sack you can sew the ribbon around the top of the bag.  You need to leave it open on the side so you can lace your cording through it.
 Then attach a safety pin to your cord to help you pull it all the way around the bag.
 And your Santa sack is finished. 
I'm excited to reuse these each year.

Not Your Typical Putz House


In recent years I have become a lover of Putz houses. You know, those adorable mini paper houses covered in glitter snow you see all Christmas long? Ya those. Ok, now that we have that straight let’s talk about how to make your own.


What you need:
– Scrap cardboard (cereal box works great)
– Glue gun and glue sticks
– Scissors
– Craft knife
– Mini Christmas decorations
– Scrapbook Paper (I used On Trend by Crate Paper)
– Small canvas or board for base
– Sticky back foam
– Silver tree tinsel
– Paper punch
– Scrapbook Brads
There are blueprints online to make Putz houses. My friends made adorable Mid Century Modern A-Frame versions. Lucky for me I had the pre-scored thin cardboard that came in a 12 pack of mason jars. I just folded mine up to make a box, folded another set to make a roof and then cut out two triangles to fill the holes on the front sides. Your basic house can be pretty crude. I used a hot glue gun to hold the pieces together.
Next using scrapbook paper (I used On Trend from Crate Paper) I covered my house. I used a woodgrain for the roof and a floral for the house. I used Tacky Glue to attach. You can see that I used scalloped edge scissors on the roof.
Using a paper punch I made blue windows and attached them to the sides of the house with Tacky Glue.
I wanted the front to have more dimension so the door is foam, the door knob is a scrapbooking brad, there is a wreath and then another brad. It’s not too much is it? I didn’t think so.
Next it was time for snow. I used the hot glue gun trick I used to make my menorah candle trips to create snow. This involved squirting out tons of hot glue so that it drips starting at the peak of your roof and sprinkling with silver Tulip Fashion glitter while it is still wet.
Using another piece of cardboard I cut out a chimney shape and painted it. Actually I had a wee helper paint it. Once it dried I had another helper cut a square hole in the roof of my house. I glued the chimney inside and added tinsel, cotton balls and more hot glue glitter snow.
You could stop here, but why? I went ahead and added a base. Anything could be used, but I happened to have a small canvas that I wrapped in scrapbooking paper. I wrapped it just like a gift.
I had a wee helper paint my tiny reindeer with Tacky Glue and then coat in hot pink Tulip Fashion glitter while it was still wet. We sat this little dude aside to dry.
While the deer was drying I added a tree adorned with scrapbooking brads as ornaments, tinsel was glued on to the base of everything to act as snow, a wee of foliage was stuck here and there and a foam path was laid.
Once the glue dried on my deer I added him to the setting. All that was left to do was glue Santa into the chimmney. Oh and give him a little blue pom pom on his cap.
I’m kinda in love with this little house. In years past I have made Milk Carton Haunted Houses, Easter Bunny Bungalows from Birdhouses and even a Log Cabin House from a giant box. This cute little Putz might be my favorite. Shhh, don’t tell the other houses.

A Very Meowy Ugly Christmas Sweater

Cats and Christmas go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They just do!  So I had fun for the iLoveToCreate Designer Challenge this month making this fun kitty cat shirt! It just takes a few craft & holiday supplies, so let me show you how you can get this "Purr"fect look!

What you need:
– Plain turtleneck or one with a festive print
– Felt in red, white, light grey, and dark grey
– Scissors
– Templates (click on each of these to download: Kitty & speech bubble & Stocking)
– Silver tinsel
– Fake gold poinsettia
– Hot glue gun
– Iron & ironing surface
– Pen for tracing
 Cut out template and trace onto the appropriate color felt, then cut out.
  With the hot glue gun, glue the stocking onto the lower middle right side of the shirt. Hot glue the tinsel onto the top part of the stocking.
 Next glue the kitty in place.
 Cut another speaking bubble out of the shimmer transfer sheet that's about 1/4"- 1/2" larger than the template all the way around.
 Iron the shimmer transfer sheet speaking bubble next to the kitty's head. Make sure to have a thin piece of fabric between the iron and the shimmer transfer sheet.
 With the black fabric paint, write, "May your days be Meowy & Bright". in the white felt speech bubble. Also add the details to the cat, whiskers, pupils, nose, etc. Allow to dry.

 Hot glue felt speaking bubble in the center of the shimmer transfer sheet.
Cut off fake poinsettia leaves and hot glue them next to the kitty and the speech bubble. Roll up
the sleeves of the shirt and glue some on the sides of the sleeves.
I hop you enjoy you new tacky Yuletide wares!

DIY Snow Globe Necklace

  After you deck your halls, why not deck yourself with a tiny wearable snow globe?  In just a few simple steps with you can turn a mini-tree into an attention grabbing necklace sure to garner compliments throughout the holiday season.  Make a pair of festive matching earrings and you're ready to hit the holiday party scene in style.

 You will need:
2" mini glass jar with cork topper
2 1" mini glass jars with cork toppers
Tinsel trim
Mini tree
Tulip Fashion Glitter in multi ultra fine crystal
Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue acrylic adhesive tabs
Aleene's Tacky Glue
3 mini eye screws
2 earring wires
10mm jump ring
Ball chain and connector
Chain nose pliers
 Step one: Cut top off of mini-tree to fit inside of large glass jar.  Place an adhesive tab on bottom.
Step two: Use chain nose pliers to secure tree on bottom of jar.  Step three: Shake glitter into jar.  Step four: Add glue to cork, insert.  Add glue to screw and use chain nose pliers to twist into cork.  Let dry. Step four: Wrap and knot tinsel trim around rim of glass jar.  Step six: Make some matching glitter earrings and attach jewelry findings with chain nose pliers.
Now that's what I call quick and easy!

Ho, ho, hope you enjoy.
Would you wear a mini-snow globe necklace?  Let us know in the comments.  Join the crafty conversation on Facebook.  For more quick and easy ideas, visit me at The Impatient Crafter.

DIY Shoes Peppermint Flats

I can't resist painting on shoes - especially when I find awesome blank canvases on clearance at the store. I came across a pair of boring black flats for under $5. I could buy them and leave them black suede and go on with normal life OR have my way with them. Which do you think I chose?

Here are the shoes! All you need to make this is red and white Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, a brush and a steady hand. NOTE: Be sure to tape off the heel and side areas. 
What I love about the Soft Paint is that it gives thick, even coverage and will cover a surface as dense as black suede! I first painted the shoes with a white base coat, then two layers of red.
Next I looked at a picture of candy canes and peppermints to get the stripe pattern. Then I just started painting. If you want super perfect lines, you can draw the lines with a ruler, and use tape for a guide. I just went for it though!
You may have to go over the white a few times to make them super bright. 
Here is the finished look.  I added black paint around the edges to give them polished look. They are soooo cute, I love them because they look great with jeans and fit so well with the season!
Thanks for checking out my project! 

December Daily Smashbook


December Daily time is upon us. Are you playing along? Given, I did not know what December Daily was until this year but now that I do I'm in. All in. So much in that I can't even close my Smashbook. Today I'm sharing a sneak peek into my December Daily journal right here on the I Love to Create blog, on my own blog Naughty Secretary Club and over on BlogHer where I wrote a post about adding vintage Christmas cards to your December Daily journal.

Over on BlogHer I talked about using vintage Christmas cards. I love the added dimension cards give my journal, not to mention extra pages for pictures. I don't always use vintage cards, sometimes I make my own from card stock.

Speaking of dimension, there are oodles of way you can add it in to your scrapbook layouts. Puffy letter stickers like Thickers are a great way to add the date or location. Chipboard adds nice texture and goes on great with Tacky Dot. Trims, ribbons and ball fringe calls for a heavier glue like Tacky Glue.

There is no right or wrong way to do December Daily. I think typically people do a book for each year. Since this is my first attempt at December Daily I went ahead and included the last 40(ish) years. When I go back and journal I will add in all the exact dates and such.

I know what I am asking Santa for, a stocking full of various acid free Tacky Glues for my Smashbook.

DIY Retro Christmas Tree Skirt

 We found this plain white mini Christmas tree skirt in the dollar bin at Target.  Score!  Avalon has a tinsel tree in her room and it needed something to dress up the not so pretty stand.  We put our heads together on a design featuring Tulip Shimmer Sheets and some sparkling trim.  Four steps later, we had an adorable sparkling tree skirt. (retro)fabulous!

You will need:
Undecorated mini-tree skirt
Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets in Hot Pink and Gold
Bling on a Roll
6 large plastic faceted gems
Parchment Paper or Fabric 
It's just four simple steps!  One: Cut trees.  We used three pink and three gold.  Two:  Use parchment paper or cotton fabric to protect the transfers while ironing.  Set iron to the appropriate setting for the fabric on the skirt, ours was acrylic.  Iron the transfer on to the fabric moving the iron in a circular motion, check to be sure it's on there completely, if not iron again. Three: Glue trims on tree applying a thin bead of Tacky Glue on back of trim with a toothpick.  Four: Use toothpick to lay a thin bead of glue around bottom center of skirt and press trim in place.  Allow glue to dry and you're ready to roll!
 How would you decorate your mini-tree skirt? We'd love to know! Tell us in the comments.  But don't stop there, come join the crafty conversation on the iLoveToCreate Facebook Page.
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Glitter Polka Dot Sweatshirt

I have seen glitter polka dots everywhere and I thought a glitter polka dot sweatshirt would make a great party top for the holidays. Tulip makes it so simple by using their glitter, iron on paper. 
I made this shirt in under and hour. 
Need a cute shirt for tonight?
This is the perfect project for you.

 Things you need.
Tulip glitter Iron on Transfer sheet
Circle hole punch
Parchment paper
Cut off your collar
 Cut off your sleeves
Pick out the color paper you want, I wanted gold.
 punch your dots,
I punched about 20 dots.
Place some aluminum foil in between your sweatshirt.
 Lay out your dots in a pattern you like. 
*Make sure you place the dots glitter, rough side up, dull side down.
 Lay a piece of parchment paper over your dots.
 Place your iron on a no steam setting.
Iron over each of your dots about 30 to 40 seconds for each dot.
Make sure all of your dots have set. If they have not set,
repeat the iron on process again.
 That is it. So simple!
 I love my new sweatshirt.
I hope all your Holiday dreams come true.
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 Lot's of <3.