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I am completely obsessed with cactus right now! Oh man, who am I kidding I have always been obsessed with them! I could not resist making these cactus Easter eggs. This craft is perfect for any cactus lover. It’s a fool proof, fun and trendy way to decorate this year’s Easter eggs with Tulips Slick Dimensional Paint.

What you need:

-Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric paint
-Plastic eggs
-Paint brush
- Painters pallet
-Small Terracotta pots
-Decorative gravel

I like to have my paint within a close range of my projects because this guarantees less paint getting everywhere. So I use a painters pallet to hold both my eggs and paint. It was really nice because the egg stayed in place while I painted and it was also a good stop to let it dry.

 once you have two coats of dry paint on your eggs use black Tulip Slick Dimensional Paint to add thorns. I went with a scattered thorn look but there a many options and patterns of thorns to try like little X's for eXample.

Use Poppin’ Purple Tulip Slick Dimensional Paint to add small flower buds on top of the eggs. Let dry.

Add gravel to the terracotta pots and place your cacti on top. And you’re done! How cute are these little eggs?

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Published Date

April 05, 2017