Create Your Own Creepers - A Shoes DIY

Recently I went to a birthday where a friend’s son had a pair of creepers. I was immediately reminded of the shoes of my teen years. If we were not in combat boots or skate shoes we were sporting a pair of creepers. The little wee pair was so cute I was determined Baxter would have a pair. Well I was determined I would make Baxter a pair.

– Black slip on shoes
– Crop-a-Dile
– Paint brush
– Puffy Paint Writer - Blue
– Tulip Soft Fabric Paint - Black and White
– Black Shoe Laces
First paint a white section on the toe of the black slip on shoes. This make take a couple of coats. Allow to dry completely.
Next using black paint add spots that mimic animal print. Allow to dry completely. Of course my daughter Tallulah had to have her own pair of shoes to paint. Bless the thrift store heavens that I found two pairs of the same shoe in two different sizes.
With blue paint outline the toe of the shoe and add faux upper (to give the illusion of a lace up shoe). Allow to dry completely.
Using a Crop-a-Dile punch 6 holes in each shoe.
Add black dress laces.
Baxter looks quite dapper in his new creepers!

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January 15, 2015