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Crowning Heart T-Shirt

Bright, bold colors from the Psychedelic Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit™ make this T-shirt a crowning glory to your wardrobe.



  1. Prewash T-shirt to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.
  2. Cover work surface with a plastic tablecloth. Lay T-shirt on prepared surface.
  3. Wearing rubber gloves, add water to dye bottles. Replace caps tightly. Shake until dye is dissolved.
  4. Fold T-shirt in half down the middle.
  5. Draw a freehand half-heart on fold.
  6. Accordion fold fabric along drawn heart-shape line, forcing it into a straight line.
  7. Rubber band to hold in place.
  8. Squeeze Red Dye at tip where it is rubber banded together. Right on top of rubber band squeeze Yellow Dye. Apply Blue Dye on white areas of shirt.
  9. Cover T-shirt with a plastic tablecloth. Let sit 4-6 hours. Wash in a large load of water with a small amount of laundry soap. Remove rubber bands. Line dry.
  10. Start flow of 3D Fashion Paint on a paper towel, applying an even pressure on bottle for a smooth line. Draw an outline of a heart on top of tie-dye heart. Refer to photo and let dry before moving on.
  11. Using tailor’s chalk, freehand a crown like shape above heart. Place Crystals right on chalk lines using tweezers.
  12. Preheat Heat Tool following package instructions and gently place tip of Tool on top of a Crystal. Hold for about 5 to 6 seconds. Repeat for all crystals.
  13. Wait 72 hours to wash. Machine wash warm on gentle cycle. Do not use harsh detergents or bleach. Remove promptly and line dry. To iron, turn garment inside out, being careful not to touch design with iron. Do not dry-clean.




  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Pencil
  • Tweezers
  • T-shirt, 100% cotton white
  • Plastic tablecloth

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