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Add some humor into your workout routine with a gym shirt that makes a (silly) statement! Whether you use the one we made as inspiration or come up with your own funny phrase, it's easy to DIY a custom workout top with Tulip® ColorShot Instant Fabric Color. Read on to get the deets!

What you need:

Tulip® ColorShot Instant Fabric Color - colors of choice

- Cotton gym shirt (light colors work best)

- Freezer paper

- Pattern (desired phrase in favorite font)

- Iron

- Masking tape

- Plastic surface cover

- Craft knife

- Pencil

- Piece of cardboard (cut to fit inside shirt)

First choose your color palette and print out your gym-themed phrase in your favorite fonts. We recommend choosing a lighter-colored shirt for best results with ColorShot. Make sure your shirt has been washed and dried without fabric softener before you apply paint.

Trace your phrase onto the unwaxed side of a piece of freezer paper, then carefully cut out with a craft knife to create your own stencil.

Place a piece of cardboard inside your shirt to prevent the paint from soaking through to the backside, and to create a smooth painting surface.

Place the stencil waxy side down on your shirt and iron in place. The heat from the iron will melt the wax so the stencil stays in place and paint is less likely to seep under the openings.

If you're creating different colored words or an ombre look like we did for part of it, tape over all words that are going to be a different color than what you are first spraying. Cover over any exposed areas of shirt to protect from overspray. Note: Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area.

Spray first spray paint color over stencil. Tip: Spray several light coats versus one heavy coat, letting dry in between coats.

Remove tape covering words that will be the second color and tape over previously sprayed words to protect from overspray. Apply next spray paint color.

If creating an ombre look on some of the words like we did, remove and adjust tape covering the first half of the ombre wording and cover the first color applied. Spray the other spray paint color over the remainder of wording to create the ombre look.

Before the spray paint completely dries, remove the freezer paper stencil and let everything completely dry.

Now it's time to hit the gym and show off your fun fashion sense!

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February 28, 2019