DIY Flower Crown Cat T-Shirt


Picture of DIY Flower Crown Cat  T-Shirt

Can you think of anything better than a shirt with a cute cat on it? We can! A shirt with a cute cat wearing a flower crown! We know it might be hard to get an actual cat to wear a flower crown, so here’s the next best thing! Tulip Fabric Markers make it easy to pair your favorite things together for a T-shirt that's almost too cute for words.

What you need:

-Tulip Fabric Markers in your favorite colors

-White T-shirt

-Pattern of your choice (free hand draw or print form online) 

Make sure your T-shirt is ironed and free from any wrinkles, then place your pattern under the front of your shirt so you can trace over it. Grab your Tulip Fabric Markers and start making your masterpiece. The colors you use are totally up to you, just have fun with it!

Once you’re done, remove the pattern and let the shirt dry completely. It won't take long! Now it’s ready to wear! Before stepping out, be sure to put on your own flower crown to match your furry friend!

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Published Date

October 11, 2017