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I love the idea of painting a pattern or design over a bag, it’s a great way to personalize something that really is very personal. We carry our bags with us everyday and most of the time our bags have someone else’s initials or design all over them. While this project is definitely inspired by existing bags, it’s also a fun and simple way to personalize and make your bag your own. The soft fabric paints by Tulip are perfect for creating your own designs. So get your bag and let’s start painting!









step 1

Decide on your pattern or design.


I created a leopard pattern.


I started by painting lavender splotches all over my bag. To create the lavender color I used, I mixed 2 parts Grape with 1 part Neon Blue and 1 part white.


Let the paint dry.


step 2

After my lavender paint dried I added black spots around the edges of the lavender splotches to look like a leopard print.


step 3

Using a smaller thinner brush, I created a few lines running down from each leopard spot.


step 4

I also painted the long strap on my bag black.


This project was inspired by the collaboration between Coach and the artist Gary Baseman. 

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February 24, 2015

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