DIY Neon Floral Jeans


More often than I should probably admit I see clothing in the kids department I wish was in my size. I know I'm too old for it, that my kids would be mortified if I picked them up from gymnastics wearing it and that more importantly I'd be the talk of the pre-school water cooler if I wore some of these things - but I don't care I still love them. I know better than to wear them so I make my daughter do it. These floral jeans are a perfect example.



– Floral Jeans

These floral jeans were cute from the start, but everything is better with neon. This DIY project is so easy a kid could do it. Actually a kid did help do it. All we did was add pops of color with Tulip Electric Neon Fabric Markers to the flowers in the jeans.

It's that easy, look at my daughter jumping for joy at her new jeans!

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February 24, 2015

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