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Chairs can be expensive - we all know this. Especially an entire set of chairs! While you're in the middle of giving your craft room/office/any room a makeover, you might be tempted to buy a new set of chairs to go with your new vibe; but before you bust out your credit card and blow your entire budget on chairs, get some COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint and get creative for just a few dollars. We'll show you how!

What you need:

COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint - desired colors (we used Marshmallow and Summer Pedicure)

- Chairs with metal or wood legs

- Painter's tape

- Plastic surface cover

If you're going for the ombre spray paint look like we did, choose a color palette that coordinates. We ended up using only two colors - Marshmallow (white) and Summer Pedicure (coral), but you could definitely go with three colors that play nicely together. 

Make sure your chair legs are clean and dry. Use painter's tape to seal off the portion of the chair legs you aren't going to paint. Place chairs over a plastic surface cover to protect your space, and you might even want to cover your chairs to protect from any overspray.

If your chair legs are a shiny metal, we recommend lightly sanding with a rough sandpaper or steel wool, then using a spray primer as a base before adding color. For our chairs, we used COLORSHOT Marshmallow as a base color, spraying all the way up to the taped points. Spray at least two coats, letting dry in between coats. Next we sprayed Summer Pedicure, starting at the very bottom of the legs and getting lighter with our application toward the taped mark. We left some white at the top of each leg for a true ombre look. Let the first coat of color dry then add another coat, again creating more opaque coverage at the very bottom. Let dry completely.

Once dry, remove your tape and throw a dinner party or crafting happy hour to show off your "new" chairs to your friends! 

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April 05, 2019