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Wear your gratitude as a fashion statement with this easy to make Thankful T-shirt! Thanksgiving isn't the only time of year that being grateful is in style; make a year-round statement with Tulip® ColorShot® Instant Fabric Color and a custom T-shirt you can DIY in an afternoon. But why stop at a T-shirt? You can totally add this design to tote bags and other fabric items for a great giftable this holiday season.

What you need:

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color (we used Green, Black and Gold)

- White T-shirt

- Freezer paper

- Pattern in desired font

- Cutting machine or pencil/craft knife

- Iron

- Painter’s tape

- Scissors

First choose your color palette for your design. We decided on black, green and gold. Next you'll want to wash and dry your shirt without fabric softener and iron it smooth. Cut a piece of freezer paper large enough to fit inside the shirt. Place freezer paper waxy side up inside of shirt and iron over the top of shirt to melt the wax and create a stable painting surface. This will also help color from soaking through to the back of shirt.

Use a cutting machine to cut out design and wording from a piece of freezer paper (make sure the freezer paper is wax side down when you cut). If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can trace your design onto freezer paper and cut out with a craft knife.

Place freezer paper stencil waxy side down on front of shirt and iron in place.

Use painter’s tape to mask off sections of stencil that will be different colors to protect from overspray.

Spray several light coats of first color over stencil openings, letting dry between coats. When you are happy with the coverage, let dry, then remove tape from other sections.

Mask off painted section of stencil as well as any other section desired before spraying the second color. Repeat spray process.

Repeat for the third color if using three colors.  

Let dry completely and remove freezer paper stencil.

How fantastic is this Thankful tee?! Make one for yourself and the fam for holiday photos, festivities or just because.

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Published Date

August 23, 2019