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Feelin' lucky? Of course you are, with an art project this cute! Check out how easy it is to create your own inspiring rainbow canvas with stickers and Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint.

What you need:

-Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint in rainbow colors
-Small piece of cardboard
-Sticker letters 

Use your ruler to measure 2" above the bottom of your canvas then place it across the canvas to use as a straight edge. Place your letter stickers above the top edge of the ruler.

Spell out "Feelin'" then remove the ruler.

Spell out "Lucky" underneath.

Squeeze a decent amount of different Dimensional Paint colors stacked along one side of the canvas.

Now for the best part! Take the small piece of cardboard and use it as a squeegee to spread the paint in a wavelike pattern across the canvas.     

Before the paint dries, carefully peel stickers away from the canvas. Tip: Tweezers can help with this process!

How fun is this canvas?! This lucky little canvas is so cute it might even attract the attention of an adorable little leprechaun.


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Published Date

March 07, 2017