Geometric Scribbles Tote bag


Geometric designs are all the rage and we wanted to create our own version using Scribbles 3D Fabric Paints in neon colors!  They are so simple and easy to use and give a fun dimension to a basic tote!

What you need:
– White cotton tote bag
– Scribbles 3D Fabric Paints (we used the neon 10-pack)
– t-shirt form or cardboard
– pencil
– masking tape

I started out by sliding in my t-shirt form, then adding my tape to create a herringbone-like pattern. I used a pencil to draw inside the lines I created with the tape.

Remove the tape and start going around the outlines using the 3D Paint.  Inside each square, I simply scribbled back and forth.

Here's what it looked like right before I finished up! Feel free to use your own color combo for yours!  Any combination of the neon colors will look fab!

Additional Supplies

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Published Date

March 10, 2015

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