Holiday DIY Glitter Bangles and Rings

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The holidays are a great time to wear some sparkle and adding lots of color and shine to jewelry is easy with Tulip Fashion Glitter and Tulip Glitter Bond. Make some DIY Glitter Bangles and Rings for the holidays with this simple project. When it's completely dry the glitter bond really holds the glitter in place to make your jewelry completely wearable, without leaving a sparkling trail of glitter wherever you go!

What you need:

Bangle Bracelets

step 1
Put tape inside your rings and bangles to keep them clean.

step 2
Cover your rings and bangles with Tulip Glitter bond.

step 3
Sprinkle your glitter over the glue.

Let dry for a few hours or overnight.

step 4
When your jewelry is dry, carefully peel off the tape. 

If necessary press or file any rough edges.

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November 17, 2015