How to Glue Fabric and Paper onto Metal: Colorful Boho Can Organizers


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Hey everyone it's Jaderbomb here with a really fun project! Today I will show you how to turn ordinary metal cans into colorful boho containers to store so many things in! Just for the record this is a kid friendly project and that is always a plus. Hopefully you will be so inspired and never throw away your cans of corn and peas again, hehe! Let's get started!

What you need:

Aleene's Repositionable Tacky Spray

Empty Tin Cans

Craft Paper / Fabric

The first thing you will do is choose a container that you want to use. I grabbed some corn out of my cabinet, emptied everything out, cleaned the inside really good then took the paper off. The good news is you they have so many sizes like this you can make large ones or small ones! 

Get your Tacky Spray and spray a light even layer onto the outside of the can. I actually like to spray a little extra then I let it sit for a few seconds to get sticky. It is good to have your paper or fabric already cut when you decide to spray your container. Below I will show you how I cut my paper. 

Grab a sheet of paper that you like and and wrap it around the container. This way is the easiest way to see exactly where you need to cut your paper to fit perfectly around your container. 

You can see I marked a line on each side with a colored pencil, however you can use anything you have handy. If your container is too large for one sheet to go completely around you will have to use another sheet of paper. Just repeat the steps. You can use a ruler to match up the lines and draw a light light all the way across the paper so you can cut it perfectly. Once your paper is cut stick it to the outside of the container. As I said earlier, I suggest you have your paper cut before you spray your can with the tacky spray. 

I wanted to dress up the top and bottom of my container so I sprayed a light layer of the tacky spray at the top and bottom then wrapped my thread around it. Make sure to do one section at a time! 

Trust me this tacky spray is the bomb and your thread will stick right away! Wrap until you don't see any of the can. Do this on the top and bottom! 

Don't forget the other end! 

Now I will show you how to make a tassel. As you can see I had a lot of embroidery thread to choose from but we need to add lot's of color into our lives so don't be scared to bust out some bold colors. 

To start making your tassel you will wrap the thread around your hand multiple times like this. The more you wrap the thicker your tassel will be! I like them THICK! 

Once you are happy with the amount of thread around your hand have someone tie a knot close to your finger then cut the bottom loop with a pair of scissors. Give it a good shake with your hand and the tassel will loosen up and it will be beautiful! Remember there is a loop at the top where your finger and we will use that to pass thread through later! 

Once you thread your tassels you can wrap them around the can! How stinking cute are these! 

You can store make up brushes, colored pencils, art brushes or even put flowers in them!

I truly am happy with the way they turned out. So Boho and if know me then that is right up my alley! 

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I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did! See you in the next post! XOXO, Jaderbomb

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