Humorous Head Planter Spike

Time to have fun and be funny. Art is not always serous; it can be silly, humorous, and colorful. Children are very serous about their art and feel that their art can only be "good" if it is realistic and true to what they envision. This project will allow them to loosen up and enjoy art because they are creating art that is meant to be silly. The project is a small bust on top of a pointed coil. The bust is a character that is exaggerated and a bit distorted. My bust is modeled after a human but you could include animals and even objects & shapes. Color is very important. Your silly bust can break the rules and be painted with bright and vivid colors. Use the color pallet and paint patterns, designs, and shapes. Be brave and remember, "don’t try to be perfect". Just be creative and have fun. When you’re done you can plant your Planter Spike in one of your potted plants for decoration.
Complete Lesson Plan Humorous Head Planter Spike (PDF)