Horse Character

Animals can be funny when given human characteristics and are prevalent in art throughout our history. Egyptians, Mayans, and present day advertisers have recognized animal symbolism in art to help get an idea across to the people. Tony the Tiger, the dove, and the bald eagle are easily recognized and their images provide us understandable relationships between humans and nature. Animal symbols acquire an image that in some way relates to their nature strength, skill, emotion, or behavior. The bear is strong & grumpy, the owl is wise, and a pig is messy. For this project you will sculpt an animal that uses human expressions and postures. This horse is exaggerated; a bit distorted, and is an animal that seems to have human characteristics. Animal art that shares human characteristics can be silly, humorous, and colorful. This project will allow students to loosen up and enjoy art because they are creating art that is meant to be silly and humorous while imparting a feeling, image, or emotion.
Complete Lesson Plan Horse Character (PDF)