Rollie Pollie

Bugs are everywhere and children are fascinated and also frightened by them. They have segmented bodies, and exoskeletons. Some have six legs and some have more. Bugs come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Bugs can be found all over the world, in tropical forest, deserts, homes, and in gardens. Rollie Pollies are crustaceans like crabs (Class Malacostraca). How they differ from insects...The head has two compound eyes, two pairs of antennae, and three pairs of mouthparts. The abdominal segments have swimmerets (swimming legs). Rollie Pollies have no heart and vessels pump their blood into sinuses. The biggest difference is they have gills. Which is why Rollie Pollies live in damp places. With out moistness, their gills cannot function and they suffocate. Bugs are a very important part of our ecosystem. At the same time the students have the opportunity to research and explore the world of bugs. Lets get creepy and make some bugs.
Complete Lesson Plan Rollie Pollie (PDF)