Geometry Vases

Shape and form are words commonly used in art but they are also used math. In geometry the shape or form of an object determine its name. Is it rhombus, a polygon, a circle, or a rectangle? To work geometrically, you need to create pictures in your mind and reproduce them on paper or with clay or other materials. Sometimes you need to draw them precisely, using hand or computer tools. You also need to reason about shape, space, and dimension, which requires good habits of mind: you must imagine, observe, and describe carefully, perform experiments, make tentative guesses about what you observe and then explain why things are as you see them. In this lesson students will choose a shape and build a vase. The shape, formed many times over in different sizes, will be used and fitted together to construct a container. The repetitive use of the same shape provides an opportunity to create patterns and colorful designs. Making a connection between math and art will open other artistic paths and connect art & math with world.
Complete Lesson Plan Geometry Vases (PDF)