Mini Coil Pots

Pots have been around for most of recorded time. In fact pots were used as storyboards to tell about the people in our history. They were written-on with artwork and very old alphabets that have revealed a great deal about human history. Pots can be constructed on potter’s wheels, poured and shaped, and coiled. Lots of cultures including the Egyptians, Native Americans, and the Chinese used hand rolled strings of clay to make pots. These pots came in all shapes and sizes. Many different sizes and shapes of coil pots are still being made today. When constructing the coil pots students are embarking on a practice that has been shared by many cultures for many purposes. Student pots will be mini versions of the pots they could make. Students should use the web pages to identify a specific kind of pot and recreate the styles specific to a culture or time period. As a class you could create a timeline using pottery styles. Pots are versatile containers that can be used for a variety of purposes. What did the people in our past use their pots for and what will the students use their pots for?
Complete Lesson Plan Mini Coil Pots (PDF)