Medieval Castles

Designed by Randy Ashenfelter Castles often evoke thoughts of fantasy worlds or memories of fairy tales. But once upon a time, castles were strongholds of defense and centers for social interaction. During the Dark Ages, Great Britain and other parts of Europe were controlled by a political system called Feudalism. Feudal Lords owned large tracts of land and controlled the peasant farmers who worked that land. In turn, the lord would protect the peasants from invading enemies. The castle became the center of life for the people. Goods were bought and sold there, various forms of entertainment could be found there and the castle became the symbol of how well the people were doing. Educational Objectives: This lesson provides opportunities for students to: ·Create a castle using slab techniques for construction and using supports during building. ·Study the Dark Ages and Feudalism. ·Learn about the castles of Europe. ·Learn how castles were developed and how defenses were used.
Complete Lesson Plan Medieval Castles (PDF)