Protect Our Planet

Today is the perfect time to think about conserving, saving, recycling, and discovering new, more efficient products to help us do the things we do every day. We’re not just talking about using the newspaper for the bottom of the parakeet cage! Consider some of the consequences of your choices, what should you avoid purchasing or doing, and what products are better for the earth. This project motivates students to learn about organic gardening by developing their own research questions, conducting research, and gardening at their school. Then create signs about their plants and present their research to the class so that other students can learn about each plant. Educational Objectives: This lesson provides opportunities for students to: • Learn new visual art vocabulary and use it in the course of the project • Generate multiple designs with the use of color and release techniques • Use multiple instructions to produce a hands-on project • Understanding and applying media, techniques, processes • Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others • Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines • Life Science: Understands relationships among organisms and their physical environment
Complete Lesson Plan Protect Our Planet (PDF)