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What are you planning to wear this St. Patrick's Day?! Make all of your friends green with envy when you sport this lucky DIY quote art tee that will have everyone saying "O' snap!" Paired with other green wearables, this shirt will soon become one of your March essentials. Check out how easy it is to make with Tulip® ColorShot Instant Fabric Color, a pattern (at the bottom of this post) and a freezer paper stencil!

What you need:

- White shirt
- Freezer paper
- Craft knife
- Pencil
- Iron
- Masking tape

Start by tracing the pattern onto a sheet of freezer paper, then cut it out with a craft knife to create a stencil. Place your stencil waxy side down on your shirt and iron in place to create a temporary bond. Cover any surrounding areas with more freezer paper to protect from overspray. Spray one light coat of ColorShot over the stencil openings and let dry. Repeat with additional light coats of color until you are happy with the coverage. Tip: Several light coats versus one heavy coat will help prevent color bleed under the stencil. Let the final coat dry and peel off the stencil.

Going green has never been so easy (and stylish)!

Thank you to our super fun model Sarah from Hazel and Bean! You can follow her on Instagram here.

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February 16, 2016