Modern Washer Mailbox DIY


Make a modern statement with your mailbox using supplies you can easily find at the hardware store!  What a fun way to dress up a mailbox and make it a piece for all the neighbors will be talking about!

What you'll need:
– Metal mailbox
– Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Adhesive
– Washers in various sizes
– Metal numbers

Add a ring of Liquid Fusion around each washer and individually add each one in place. You'll also use the adhesive to add on the metal numbers to the other side of your box.

 Here's how mine appearead after I was done adding all my washers on. As you can see I kept the design simplistic by keeping the same size washers in each row.

Next spray a light coating of spray paint over the entire box.  Once that's dry, flip over and do the other side as well.

 Spray another coating over the entire mailbox until it has solid, even coverage!

Now mount your mailbox on it's stand and admire your new yard accessory! Since the glue is super durable indoor and outdoor, it will hold up nicely for years to come!


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March 19, 2015

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