Picture of Oodles of Doodles Canvas

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Oodles of Doodles Canvas

Let your imagination be your guide when you doodle away using Scribbles® Crazy Tips™ 3D Fabric Paint! Anything is possible and you just might have some fun while you’re at it!



1. Sketch your design on a piece of paper.

2. Now sketch the design on the canvas.

3. Before you add the paint to the canvas, practice on a piece of scrap fabric or paper to get used to the technique.

4. Starting with Black, leave the cap on, turn bottle upside down and tap it against the palm of your hand – this “burps” the bottle to prevent air bubbles.

5. Remove the lid. With the tip firmly against the surface of the canvas, make sure the bottle is perpendicular, squeeze the paint and drag it across the surface. Once you get the hang of the technique, repeat the process on the canvas.

6. First draw the black outlines and then fill in with the other colors. If the nozzle gets blocked, simply poke a straight pin through the hole to clear.

What you need:

Scribbles® Crazy Tips


  • Paper towel
  • 12x12” canvas
  • Straight pin(s)
  • Paper and pencil

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