Painted Donut Pumpkins


Picture of Painted Donut Pumpkins

Everyone knows that fall equals pumpkin season. It's officially time for pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, and of course, pumpkin decorations! What's even better than pumpkins? Pumpkin donuts! This combination is a match made in heaven, and it also makes for adorable decor. Turn faux mini pumpkins into fall decor that looks good enough to eat with Tulip® Dimensional Paints, then run out and get some actual donuts to satisfy the sweet tooth you'll have after making this fun project!

What you need:

Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paints

- Small pumpkins

- Tan acrylic paint

- Paintbrush

- Plastic fork

- Paper towel

  1. Paint small pumpkins with tan acrylic paint. Let dry.
  2. Use Light Pink dimensional paint to create frosting. Apply a generous amount of paint about 1 inch away from stem.
  3. With a plastic fork smooth out paint as if it was frosting. Apply 2-3 coats.
  4. Before adding sprinkles shake the bottles and do a few test squeezes onto the paper towel to remove air bubbles. 
  5. Use desired paint colors to add sprinkles, sprinkles and more sprinkles to the donut pumpkin. Let dry.

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Published Date

September 14, 2018