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Quote art canvases are a fab way to add some inspiration to your day while also adding some art to your walls! DIYing your own makes it extra personal (and affordable) and it's not difficult to do with a little help from letter stencils in a style you love. With a pretty gradient background in a color scheme that pops on your walls (we're vibing with this palette that reminds us of the sunrise and sunset) this artsy DIY gallery canvas set created by Club Crafted using Soft Fabric Paint is a great craft for all ages and skill levels. This project also makes a great gift for friends and family during the holiday season and for birthdays!

What you need:

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in desired colors for gradient + white

- 3 Triangle canvases

- Sponge brushes

- Paintbrush

- Sticky alphabet stencils

- Paper cups for mixing paint

Choose a color palette that works well together for creating a gradient effect (stay away from colors that will brown when blended into one another).

For your quote art canvas, choose one color for the base. For ours, we wanted more of a pastel shade, so we mixed white paint into the color.

Paint the entire canvas with your chosen shade.

Squeeze a few dots of white Soft Paint randomly onto the canvas for creating a marbling effect.

Use a sponge brush to blot and blend the white into your base color, creating a marbled effect. Let dry once you are happy with it.

Once the canvas is dry, it’s time to add your quote art. We went with "Be Bold," but if you would like to make a different statement with your art, feel free to do so. To use the stencils, simply peel away the backing from the sticky stenciling letters and press onto the middle of the canvas.

Use a sponge brush to dab paint over the stencil openings. Carefully peel away the stencils while the paint is still wet and let dry completely.

See how easy it was to create quote art on a canvas?!

To create gradient effects on your other canvases, start with your lightest color and brush onto the canvas. While the paint is still wet, brush the second lightest color onto the canvas, blending some of the color into the first. Repeat with the darkest color and blend into the second color. You can repeat the same pattern on the third canvas or mix it up with the direction and widths of your painted sections. Get creative with it!

Your new quote art gallery canvases are ready to hang (or gift) where everyone can admire them. Will it be on the bathroom wall or to add some style to your office? The choice is yours! 

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Published Date

October 25, 2019