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Create an ultra groovy retro-style yarn art canvas at home. This project can be super simple or very elaborate - perfect for creative crafters of all ages!

What you need:

-Aleene's Tacky Glue
-Pre-stretched canvas (plywood will also work)

Start by drawing a simple shape with the Tacky Glue. You can trace this first, or freeform as you go. Here we are creating a botanical shape, but you could draw faces or letters or go totally abstract. It's up to you!

Follow the glue line with a piece of yarn. To keep things easy, you may want to start out with your thickest yarn first. 

Keep adding simple yarn shapes until you are happy with the base design. 

Now the line part! fill in any enclosed shapes with a heavy coat of glue...

...and starting from the outside in, encircle the edges in yarn, adding different colors and thicknesses as you go. 

When the base shape is done, you may ant to let it set up overnight, then add more glue and repeat. 

Be sure to cover not only the top of the canvas but the sides as well. 

Shazam! Now that is pretty cool. 

Have fun!

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