Simple Mosaic Planters


Dress up those plain terra cotta planters with some pretty pebbles from the dollar store!  This is a DIY that will not break the bank and will give a pop of funto boring planters!

Grab your supplies:

– Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Adhesive
– Terra Cotta pots in various sizes
– Succulents or plants of your choice
– Flat-back glass marbles (some folks call these cabuchons)
– Newspaper (for a table cover)

Add a dot of the Liquid Fusion adhesive to the back of your marble.

Add them on one by one to the top of your terra cotta planter. Make sure to let it dry in small sections, so that you won't have any sliding issues!

Before long, your planters will look like so. Pretty, right?  I love the yellow mixed in with the white!  Take out your plants from their plastic pots and insert into the terra cotta pots!

I'm in love with how these turned out!  And the marbles aren't going anywhere, so they'll be great in springs to come, whether I decide to display them indoors or outdoors!

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March 16, 2015

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