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May the Fourth (Be With You) is just a few days away, and we are so ready to celebrate with this Star Wars inspired scarf! Made with Tulip® ColorShot® Instant Fabric Color and a few items you probably have in your tool shed, this DIY project will definitely have you channeling your fashionable inner DIY Jedi.  

What you need:

- Tulip® ColorShot® Instant Fabric Color in Black
- Grate, screen or netting
- Masking tape
- Freezer paper
- Scissors
- Paper towels

The detailing on the goggles was created using heavy grate, but if you don't have access to grate, you can try thick netting or even screen. First you'll want to mask off all areas that you don't want the pattern to be with tape and paper towels, then place the grate on top of the fabric. Spray one light coat of Black ColorShot over the top of the grate, then remove and let dry. For more details on the resist technique using ColorShot, check out this post.

To create the detailing around the lenses, use freezer paper to make your own stencils. To see how easy it is to make freezer paper stencils, check out this post.

Now you've got the force! Get out there and show it off!

Special thanks to our awesome model Amy Watkins of Cozy Reverie! You can follow her on Instagram here.

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